‘World’s Sexiest DJ’ Nata Lee Flaunts Sideboob In Princess Leia Outfit On Instagram

Nata Lee takes a selfie.
Nata Lee / Instagram

Nata Lee, known as the “world’s sexiest DJ,” showed off a Princess Leia-inspired look on Instagram today. She was spotted on one of Alexander Mavrin’s social media pages, as he was seen reclining on the left side of the frame.

Meanwhile, the model sat upright on the edge of the couch as she struck a Bambi pose. She held a bright blue ball in her left hand, barely wearing a white shirt which fell down her left shoulder, exposing some sideboob. In addition, the model wore a pair of white, lacy thong bottoms, which meant that her booty was nearly bare. The shirt appeared semi-sheer with a low cut in the back, with fuzzy white dots throughout. The model’s skin appeared to be glowing in the low light of the room.

The Star Wars theme of the post was undeniable. Besides the caption, there was a flat-screen TV that displayed a still shot of baby Yoda with his giant eyes. Nata Lee was seen watching the screen as she wore two blond side buns that were reminiscent of Princess Leia.

In addition, the photographer — presumably Mavrin — was seen with his legs stretched out in front of him, munching on popcorn from a Star Wars bucket. He wore dark pants and plush Yoda slippers. There were also a couple of figures placed in front of the TV, one of Darth Vader and a small one of Yoda wearing Santa’s outfit.

Above the TV were a couple of rock posters, one featuring Jim Morrison from The Doors and another of the Rolling Stones’ logo. The posters and TV were decorated with a string of white Christmas lights.

Fans rushed to the comments section to leave their compliments.

“Dude…you make me jealous everytime…” wrote a follower.

“Love the Princess Leila [sic] hair!” exclaimed a fan.

“Love the starwars hair Doo Wish I could see her face!” expressed an admirer.

“This is the way… Loving the Mandalorian… and this shot of course!!!” raved a fourth Instagram user.

Nata Lee had recently showed off another movie-themed look. Earlier this month, she wore a Top Gun-inspired ensemble. This look included a dark green jacket, matching miniskirt, and a tight white sports bra. For the photo showcasing this high-flying aesthetic, the model was seen posing standing up and facing the camera straight on. She parted her lips slightly for effect. Nata Lee wore her hair down in a side part for this shot, and accessorized with dark aviator sunglasses. Her belly ring peeked through, but she didn’t wear any other visible jewelry.