‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Hayden’s Tough Decision & Rally For Rebecca Budig’s Return Once Again

Rebecca Budig portrays Hayden on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / Walt Disney Television

This has been a wild week on General Hospital and spoilers tease that it’s not over yet. Rumors had been swirling about the possibility that Hayden Barnes was leaving Port Charles again and now those rumors appear to have been confirmed. Actress Rebecca Budig seems to be leaving GH once more, at least for now, and fans have a lot to say about that.

When Rebecca was written out a couple of years ago, General Hospital fans were furious. A few months ago, when it was revealed that she was returning, people were thrilled. It had sounded as if this would be a long-term return. Unfortunately, over the last couple of weeks, rumors made the rounds detailing that Rebecca and her character of Hayden would be leaving before November was over.

During Tuesday and Wednesday’s shows, General Hospital viewers watched as Valentin Cassadine threatened Hayden, Nikolas Cassadine confronted her, and she was attacked on the pier. Nikolas urged her to leave Port Charles to stay safe, trying to make it sound as if he had only her best interests at heart.

Many fans suspected that the attack on Hayden would turn out to have been arranged by Nikolas, not by Valentin. Heading into this, Valentin had seemed the obvious choice. However, once Nik started pushing her to leave town, viewers developed a hunch that Nik orchestrated this to scare Hayden enough to leave town on her own.

By the end of Wednesday’s show, it was confirmed that Nik orchestrated the attack. In addition, fans watched as a tearful Hayden said goodbye to her daughter Violet, planning to leave her with Finn and Anna. Violet, Finn, and Anna do not yet know that Hayden’s leaving town, but she left behind a note that will be discovered soon.

Neither Rebecca or General Hospital have confirmed the exit of Hayden yet, but that will likely come soon now that these goodbye scenes have aired. Luckily, the door clearly remains open for Hayden to return to Port Charles and fans will be anxious to see when and if that happens.

“Those Hayden and violet scenes were heartbreaking! I can’t believe they brought Hayden back just to drop off another kid in port Charles and bolt! Hayden’s shadiness and yet humanness are a mix that makes for an interesting character! #GH #KeepHayden,” detailed one fan on Twitter.

“This better not be ‘goodbye’ but ‘see you later’….ridiculous departure & poor decisions made by Frank & the gang… what else is new? #GH #KeepRebeccaOnGH,” tweeted another frustrated General Hospital viewer.

“That was really terrible for Nikolas to do that to Hayden. He knows how much she loves her daughter,” shared another GH viewer on Twitter.

Right now, General Hospital fans don’t know what drove the decision to write Rebecca off the show again. It could be that the actress herself wanted a short return for now and if so, fans will surely be more understanding and supportive. Regardless of whose decision it was to have Hayden leave Port Charles, fans appear to be overwhelmingly disappointed and frustrated.

Will Hayden return to her daughter Violet and what had seemingly become her new home in Port Charles? It certainly seems as if there is plenty more story to tell for this character and everybody will be anxious for General Hospital spoilers revealing more.