Missouri Man Larry Allen Dinwiddie Accused Of Keeping His Murdered Wife’s Corpse In A Freezer For 4 Years

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A Missouri man is accused of murdering his wife and keeping her body in a freezer for four years, Springfield’s KOLR-TV reported. It is the third time in recent months that a corpse has been found in a freezer in Missouri.

Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole said that an abandoned storage unit in Marshfield, just northeast of Springfield, was being cleaned out on Monday when workers discovered the freezer unit, which had been locked shut with a padlock. Once opened, they discovered a corpse, amid “some food items.”

“Lo and behold, they did not expect that,” Cole said.

Deputies were initially unable to determine the age or sex of the victim.

Unable to immediately locate the unit’s owner, deputies set up a sting operation.

“We told him the freezer quit working, and he needed to hurry up and get back here,” Cole said.

Soon enough, a man turned up at the unit and was taken into custody. Authorities said that the man initially claimed to be a truck driver from Colorado, but confirmed he’s actually from Marshfield, Missouri.

Initially, police did not identify the alleged victim or the man accused of killing her. However, as The Springfield News-Leader later reported that the victim was identified as Cynthia Dinwiddie, 56, of Marshfield. Authorities believe that her body had been in the freezer since 2015.

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Larry Allen Dinwiddie, her accused murderer and husband, was arrested without incident, according to Cole.

“He knew the jig was up,” Cole said.

Dinwiddie allegedly admitted to killing his wife four years ago. He reportedly told police that during an argument, she threw a hammer at him, and he purportedly struck her with a hammer and strangled her. He then put her corpse in the freezer because he “didn’t know what to do.”

At one point, Dinwiddie even solicited the help of friends in moving the freezer to a storage unit. His helpers allegedly did not know they were moving an appliance that contained a human corpse.

Dinwiddie has been jailed and charged with murder. He faces a potential life sentence if convicted.

This is the third time in a matter of months that a human corpse has been found in a freezer in Missouri. In July, a St. Louis man was cleaning out his deceased mother’s belongings when he found the corpse of a baby, likely his sibling or half-sibling, in the back of her freezer; he believed his mother had held onto it for 20 years. Earlier this month, as reported at the time by The Inquisitr, a Joplin woman was accused of having kept the body of her deceased husband in a freezer for several months.