Anna Katharina Leaves Little To The Imagination In Cheetah-Print Bikini

Model Anna Katharina wowed her followers Wednesday with an Instagram update in which she wore a tiny bikini that left little to the imagination.

In the sexy double post, the blond bombshell wore a cheetah-print string bikini. The top was a classic triangle style that covered as little as possible, leaving most of her voluptuous chest exposed. The bikini bottoms were just as revealing. The low-rise style was nothing more than a piece of fabric joined with two thin straps that went over her hips. The skimpy ensemble showed off just about every bit of Anna's body.

In the first picture, Anna was sitting on what appeared to be a tree stump beside a wall. With one hand on the stump and the other in her hair, she arched her back slightly, calling attention to her chest and flat abs. With one knee slightly higher than the other, Anna was able to give her followers a nice look at her toned legs and the curve of her hips. She had a serious look on her face as she gazed ahead.

The second photo captured Anna from mid-thigh up standing by the wall. She stood with one hip cocked to the side, accentuating her shapely hips as well as her hourglass figure. With one hand on the wall, she gave the camera a sultry look as part of her hair fell over her face.

Anna wore a full face of makeup that included dark brows, smoky eyeshadow, thick lashes, contoured cheeks, and matte lipstick. Her hair was parted on the side and fell in loose curls. The beauty wore a white color on her nails. Keeping it simple, she opted for no accessories.

In the caption, Anna mentioned the Thanksgiving holiday.

"You're so damn sexy," said one admirer.

"Great pictures, you are a beautiful girl!!" a second fan wrote.

"Literally just said 'whoa' out load [sic] when I saw this post," joked a third follower.

"Bold and beautiful," a fourth commenter said.

Bold and beautiful are words that seem to accurately describe Anna, who exudes both in her photos. The stunner's confidence and natural good looks have helped to make her one of the most popular emerging models on Instagram. Her body seems to be made for bikinis, though she looks fantastic in just about everything she wears. She recently rocked another cheetah-print ensemble -- a sexy blouse that she wore with a pair of white jeans.