Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Hint At Kendra’s Next Move In Trying To Destroy Alexis

Jerritt ClarkGetty Images for Beauty Bar

Viewers are not going to want to miss the next few episodes of General Hospital. Spoilers from a new preview reveal that there is more to come with Alexis Davis and her supposed personal trainer Kendra Lennon, and fans will likely be stunned by what’s on the way.

While Kendra has been playing nice with Alexis, acting as a life coach and personal trainer, viewers know that she is connecting with Alexis in a quest for revenge. Kendra is the sister of Kristina’s long-dead, former boyfriend Kiefer, and thanks to Kristina’s Dawn of Day pledge, Shiloh and apparently Kendra came to believe that Alexis ran over Kiefer on purpose. Now, Kendra wants to avenge her brother’s death.

Until Alexis ended up in the hospital, absolutely nobody suspected that Kendra was anyone other than who she presented herself to be. Now that TJ figured out that Alexis was being poisoned, Neil suspects that Kendra was responsible. Alexis isn’t sure what to think, but the new sneak peek shared via Instagram reveals that she might learn a lot more quite soon.

During Tuesday’s show, Kendra visited Alexis at GH. She offered Alexis a mystery pill to try to help pep her up, and Alexis was wise enough to only pretend to swallow it. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Neil and Alexis will be left feeling perplexed, however, when they get the pill tested and discover there’s nothing amiss with it.

Despite this sneaky maneuver on Kendra’s part, the walls are closing in on her. Between TJ and Neil working through their side of this, and Julian’s making some connections between Kendra hanging around Charlie’s and the dead rats in the alley, it seems that Kendra won’t be able to avoid questions much longer.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Kendra won’t give up or go down without a fight though. The new sneak peek shows Alexis crossing paths with Kendra, and it appears that Alexis is at the cemetery. The good news with this is that Alexis will apparently be released from the hospital quite soon. Unfortunately, Kendra is about to take things to the next level.

Viewers will have to wait to see exactly whose gravesite Alexis is visiting. However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Kendra will end up at the cemetery too, and she’ll soon haul off and punch Alexis. Naturally, Alexis won’t see this coming; it looks like Kendra gets in quite the wallop.

What prompts this explosion from Kendra? Fans may want to consider that this could just be a daydream of sorts on Kendra’s part rather than an actual physical encounter. Viewers know that the General Hospital writers love to do that to fans as they did recently when Michael supposedly attacked Brad ahead of Nelle’s parole hearing.

SheKnows Soaps does share one General Hospital spoiler for next week that sounds as if it could be connected to this. Sonny will be reassuring Kristina about something, and this could certainly be related to Alexis or residual Dawn of Day drama.

Will Kendra be exposed for who she really is soon? Fans were not all that thrilled to see a sudden sister of Kiefer’s pop up to target Alexis. However, on the positive side, viewers have been getting lots of scenes showing Alexis with both Neil and Julian, and people are hopeful that this benefit will continue beyond Kendra’s eventual exit from Port Charles.