Ariana Grande Shows Off Her Natural Hair In New Instagram Video

Theo WargoGetty Images

Ariana Grande just shared surprising and rare footage with her fans — a video of her natural, curly hair.

Ariana, who is known for her super sleek and super long extensions, shocked fans when she posted a video on her Instagram story tousling her voluminous curly tresses.

The black-and-white selfie video showed Ariana playing with her natural curly locks, which were pulled up into a high ponytail on her head. As per usual, she donned an oversized sweatshirt as she raked her fingers through her all-natural ‘do, pulling at the coiled pieces in the ponytail.

“The most hair,” she captioned the video. This clip marked the first time the “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” singer showed off her natural curls since February, when she explained to a fan that her hair was damaged from dyeing it platinum blond.

Fans loved the natural look and took to Twitter in droves to compliment the pop star on her hair, telling her it looked great and begging her to wear it like that onstage.

“u should really wear ur natural hair sometimes it looks so gorgeous and good,” one fan shared.

Ariana has made no secret that her hair has been through some serious wear-and-tear, even writing on Instagram back in 2014 just how much damage her hair had seen from coloring it bright red on Victorious for so many years.

“I had to bleach my hair and dye it red every other week for the first four years of playing Cat,” she said at the time, according to E! News. “I wear extensions but I wear it in a ponytail because my actually [sic] hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down.”

She further explained that the extensions actually made her feel “comfortable for the first time in years” and urged fans — and haters — to stop giving her a hard time about wearing the same hairstyle. Of course, in the years since, Ariana went on to make her pin-straight high ponytail her signature look — so much so that it became a hallmark of the “Ariana Grande Halloween costume,” imitated by both fans and celebs like Kourtney Kardashian.

In February 2019, Ariana tweeted that before she could wear her hair naturally, it had to grow back first, explaining that bleaching it blond “tarnished” the tresses. However, when fans asked to see her locks au natural, she obliged, tweeting a video.

Now that Ariana is getting more comfortable showing off her curly hair on social media, perhaps that means that fans will be seeing it more, maybe even in concert.