‘General Hospital’ Thanksgiving Sneak Peek Teases Major Brad & Lucas Drama

Rick RowellABC

A new sneak peek filled with juicy General Hospital spoilers has just been released, and it teases that some intense battles are coming. One storyline that the show teases is coming to a critical juncture is the baby swap story involving Brad and Lucas. Is the truth finally about to emerge?

The new sneak peek shared via Instagram teases lots of great stuff for the next couple of episodes. Viewers have watched Brad and Lucas fighting extensively over the past few weeks, in large part thanks to Julian’s scheming. The two men thought they had worked through the worst of it all, but General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a massive fight between them coming soon.

Lucas knows that Brad is still hiding something and is still feeling exceedingly anxious about whatever it is. Brad has tried to come up with various cover stories in an effort to end the string of questions from his husband. Based on this new sneak peek, however, Lucas will explode as his frustration hits a boiling point.

General Hospital spoilers from the juicy preview reveal that at some point over the next few shows, Lucas will be driving a car with Brad in the passenger seat next to him. While it’s not clear whether “Wiley” is in his car seat in the back, it seems likely.

It appears to be dark outside as the men drive, and they must start arguing about Brad’s secrets and anxious behavior. At one point, Brad will admit that there is so much that he has not told his husband. Lucas, as he is driving, looks over to Brad and yells that his husband needs to tell him.

This setting would certainly be an epic time for Brad to admit that Wiley is really Jonah. This baby swap originally happened in the dark as Brad pulled over on the side of the road. The true Wiley had just died and Nelle came out of the woods and handed over her newborn to keep him from Michael. Now, it looks as if a dark drive may be central to the next major development.

Fans suspect that perhaps this argument is the catalyst for a car accident that adds new layers of complication to the situation. There are a number of ways this could play out, but General Hospital spoilers don’t pinpoint specifics yet.

It’s possible that Brad will finally admit the truth, but an accident causes injuries to one of the two men. Perhaps Lucas is injured and ends up with amnesia, or at death’s door, and won’t remember or be able to do anything about what Brad admitted. Perhaps Brad will be injured and in grave danger, or of course, Wiley could end up hurt and this would panic both men.

It could certainly be that Wiley will be injured. From there, something about his medical state might up revealing that he is not related to Willow, which would open up a major can of worms. If the little boy’s condition were especially fragile, Brad might have to bring Michael in as the boy’s true biological father to save the day.

Fans may find that nobody ends up injured, and it may well be that Brad keeps the Wiley secret hidden for a while longer. However, things will seemingly continue to be tense for the two men in the days ahead. SheKnows Soaps notes that viewers will see a fair amount of these two in the days ahead.

Brad will soon get a pep talk from someone, and during next Monday’s episode, Lucas will be pleading with Brad.

Also coming next week, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian will discover something alarming, and soon after that Bobbie has terrible news to reveal. These teasers certainly would fit with Lucas and Brad perhaps ending up in a car accident as a result of this fight, but fans will have to stay tuned to see if that’s what happens.

Will this upcoming fight finally pave the way to the truth about Jonah emerging? Fans are ready to see it happen, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the time may finally be just ahead.