Norwegian Bombshell Hilde Osland Flashes Skin In Skimpy Halter Top

Hilde OslandInstagram

Norwegian-born model Hilde Osland’s latest Instagram update showed her looking fabulous in a halter top and a pair of skintight white jeans.

The picture showed Hilde standing on a deck of a building that appeared to be several stories high. Off in the distance beyond several buildings and trees, a bit of the ocean could be seen. The blond beauty stood facing away from the camera as she looked at something down below. The camera captured her from the mid-thigh up at a side angle, giving her viewers a nice look at her backside.

She wore a mint green crochet halter top that looked like it could hardly contain the sides of her voluptuous chest. In fact, it appeared that if she made the wrong move, she might fall out of the skimpy piece. She stood with one hand in her back pocket — a pose that gave her followers a nice look at her sideboob as well as the side of her abdomen and part of her back. The stance also showed off her tiny waist. She teamed the top with a pair of skintight white jeans that made her bronze skin pop in the photo.

The stunner wore her hair up in a messy bun. She used a colorful bandanna as a headband to keep her bangs out of her face. While only the side of Hilde could be seen, it was clear that she wore a face full of makeup that included thick eyelashes, blush on her cheeks and a hint of color on her lips. She accessorized the look with a bracelet on her upper arm, hoop earrings and a couple of gold necklaces. She also sported a white color on her nails.

In the caption, Hilde wished her followers a happy day.

Judging from her many of her fans’ reactions, she made their day with the sexy photo.

“Every picture is a screen saver,” wrote one admirer.

“You’re my favorite instagram model,” a second follower said.

“Damn you are so fine!” a third fan gushed.

“Those pants are made for you, wow,” commented a fourth admirer.

It seems many of the outfits Hilde wears look like they are made for her body. A quick glance through her Instagram page shows that she can rock just about any type of ensemble, ranging from elegant to casual. Earlier this month, she looked fabulous in a glamorous two-piece dress that showed off her fit physique.