Dolly Castro Puts Her Cleavage On Display In Chic Outfit

Dolly CastroInstagram

Dolly Castro showed off her cleavage in a new Instagram update today where she wore a chic tan-and-black outfit, one that included a bikini top, a jacket, and no shirt underneath. The top featured a lace-up accent in the front center and matched the color of her unbuttoned, casual-fitting jacket, which also had large lapels. The model also sported a pair of tight leather pants and completed her look with a pair of gold sandals. The pants had a high waist and shone in the light.

The Nicaraguan stunner gave a flirty look as she looked at the camera and pursed her lips. She wore her hair down in a middle part, with blond highlights throughout. Her locks were curled towards the bottom, and she brushed some in front of her right shoulder. Dolly posed while standing up, placing her right hand on the top of an elaborate dresser and putting her left hand on her hips.

Although the model was spotted from further away, her makeup popped in the shot. Her eyes were dark with mascara and eyeliner, as she also wore dark lip liner and light lipstick. She accessorized with three gold necklaces, each varying in length.

Dolly was seen posing indoors inside a well-decorated house. The dresser appeared to have a silver-gold sheen with eye-catching handles. Her Chanel bag, which was black with gold-and-black straps, could also be seen on top of the furniture. Additionally, there was a clear vase with short-stemmed, white roses and leaves next to it. Behind her appeared to be a living room area with a white couch.

Fans had plenty of nice things to say about the photo in the comments section.

“You wear this outfit very well,” complimented a fan.

“Omg you look amazing. Fit an dressed for success,” gushed a follower.

“Devastating image. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is probably worth a thousand and one. #somethingaboutblackleather #ighottestbabes,” expressed an admirer.

“Absolutely gorgeous! You have a very lucky husband..,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, Dolly shared another Instagram update where she rocked what appeared to be the same leather pants. This time, though, she paired the bottoms with a revealing lace top as she posed on a white stair surrounded by pink flowers. The model also wore a black jacket with lapels and gold buttons down the front. The see-through top was in a dark peach color, as she matched it with a chunky necklace that fell down her cleavage.