WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon ‘Furious’ Over ‘Monday Night Raw’ And Seth Rollins


After Survivor Series ended on Sunday night, it seemed as if WWE was heading into the next chapter of action with a bit of a clean slate. Seth Rollins went out to start this week’s Monday Night Raw and delivered a speech in which he didn’t please anyone on the roster, as he blamed them for his brand’s poor performance at the recent pay-per-view. Now, rumors are flying around that Rollins’ opening promo didn’t sit well with a lot of people in real life, including WWE owner Vince McMahon.

On Monday night, Rollins went out to the ring and delivered a promo that essentially turned him heel, but the fans weren’t the only people upset with him. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., Rollins truly angered the big boss of WWE with some things he said to open the show.

Recently, CM Punk returned to the wrestling world as an analyst for Fox Sports 1 on the WWE Backstage studio show. Since his comeback, Rollins has been attacking him on social media, but there are reportedly no plans for WWE to have a match between the two.

During Rollins’ opening promo, he not only mentioned CM Punk but talked about him being “too afraid” to be there in person. That led to the fans chanting the former WWE Champion’s name, taking over a portion of a promo that was meant to get the focus on Rollins.

Seth Rollins addresses the "Raw" roster.
Featured image credit: WWE

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio says that Vince is furious that Rollins mentioned Punk since there are no plans for an upcoming match. Apparently, there is a rule in WWE that a match should not be pushed or mentioned if it can’t be delivered.

Punk may never actually step into the ring again and wrestle, which means that Rollins is pushing for something that may never take place. It’s one thing for the “Beastslayer” to call out Punk on Twitter, but doing it on a live episode of Raw is an entirely different situation.

Vince McMahon reportedly got very angry back in 2015 when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin pushed the idea of a match with Brock Lesnar. Austin and Paul Heyman teased the contest on an episode of the Steve Austin Podcast, but it was never actually in the cards to happen.

As of this very moment, the same can be said for a match between CM Punk and Seth Rollins, which could very well never take place. Monday Night Raw was set to be the start of a new path heading toward the end of the year, but as reported, it only ended up making Vince McMahon more angry than anything else.