Colorado Sheriff Won’t Enforce Some Gun Laws

Colorado Sheriff Gun Laws

A Colorado sheriff won’t enforce some gun laws passed by lawmakers on Friday. The measures include an expansion of background checks on firearm purchases, as well as a 15-round limit on ammunition magazines.

In deciding he would decline to enforce the measures, Weld County Sheriff John Cooke argued the proposed restrictions give a “false sense of security.”

The measures are expected to be signed by Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper on Monday. Cook added that he believes Democrats in the state legislature to be uninformed and operating in response to the Aurora movie theater shooting, as well as other recent tragedies.

The bill passed on Friday would require a $10 criminal background check when someone wants to legally transfer a gun. Republicans have opposed the bill. Several asserted that it would be a burden on law-abiding gun owners. Cooke added that the check wouldn’t keep guns out of criminals’ hands.

Another sheriff in Colorado agreed. El Paso County Sheriff Tony Maketa also signaled his plans to ignore Colorado’s latest gun measures. The bills will likely be enacted into law on July 1. Maketa stated on Thursday:

“I can’t tell you when those were sold, bought and purchased. As far as I’m concerned, they were all pre-July 1 if the governor does sign this bill.”

Maketa added that the laws were written hastily and that at least one of them would be unenforceable. The Colorado sheriff added that he plans to talk with other people about filing a lawsuit against the state for the bills. Maketa added the lawsuit would be needed, because some of the proposed laws that set limits on gun purchases are not specific enough.

The El Paso County Commission previously passed a resolution that proclaimed they would not enforce any statutes, edicts, presidential directives, or other regulations that conflict with the Second Amendment. Maketa added that his office keeps records of every concealed carry permit holder and that he would destroy the records before allowing anyone to take it.

Do you think the Colorado sheriffs are right to say they will not enforce some new gun laws in the state?

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