‘Vanderpump’ Star Billie Lee Says She Was Accosted And Almost Tricked By A Fake Lyft Driver At PUMP Bar

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Former Vanderpump Rules star Billie Lee was allegedly accosted by a group of “aggressive” men and almost got into a car with a fake Lyft driver on Saturday, reported Too Fab. Afterward, the reality star got on Instagram to detail her harrowing experience and to alert people about the dangers of sex trafficking in the United States.

Billie was attending the Trans Latina fashion show in Los Angeles on Saturday when she decided to meet up with a group at the Abbey in West Hollywood. There, the transgendered icon had a few drinks while she enjoyed the show. Later, she and her friends decided to hit PUMP for a few more drinks. She says that’s when she realized that she was too drunk to be safe and decided to take herself home.

While she was outside the restaurant waiting for her Lyft ride, she says that a group of aggressive men approached her and tried to convince her to leave with them. She reported that they kept telling her that they could “help” her with “whatever.”

“One after another swirling around, grabbing, touching and yes sometimes holding me up. I kept saying, ‘no I’m good no I have a boy friend.’ They were so aggressive and not taking no for an answer,” she recounted in her post. “My adrenaline kicked in, sobering me up. I forced myself away, walking past TomTom, calling my Lyft. I was shaking and embarrassed that I was intoxicated and so vulnerable.”

When she finally located what she thought was her Lyft driver, she said she got in but left the door open so she could be sure she was with the right person. She asked the driver who they were picking up. Without saying her name, the driver assured her that he was the right one, Billie explained.

Billie said that was when she realized something wasn’t right and that the driver she was with might not be the right one.

“I immediately got out of his car and found my driver behind us. Once I got into my Lyft and verified the driver I burst into tears,” she said.

Billie says that she believes these men were not just out for a party, but professionals waiting to lure women away and take them to another location.

When she got home, Billie says she called 911 to report the event, but the police said that her situation wasn’t an emergency, but she says that she disagrees.

“If I was just a little more intoxicated would I have made it home safe?” she asked.

Billie, who quit Vanderpump Rules after feeling like she was being bullied, closed her post by urging women to protect themselves. She asked that women never leave a bar alone, even if they are embarrassed or ashamed of being intoxicated.