FDA Closes Bakery After Finding Sugar In ‘Sugar Free’ Snacks

Butterfly Bakery

The FDA closed a bakery in New Jersey after officials discovered sugar in the business’ “sugar free” snacks.

The Food and Drug Administration announced that Butterfly Bakery Inc. in Clifton, New Jersey would cease production on Wednesday. A federal judge reportedly issued a permanent injunction against the business over its misleading treats.

The FDA sought to close the bakery after officials found sugar inside the company’s “sugar free” treats. Reports indicate that the goods in question contained nearly three times the amount of declared sugar.

To make matters worse for Butterfly Bakery, officials also discovered that the company’s “fat free” items had almost double the amount of declared fat. These violations ultimately led to the bakery’s downfall.

The FDA said its tests proved the company was guilty of distributing mislabeled food. Since the bakery was essentially selling misleading products to its customers, the judge decided a permanent injunction was in order.

Although the company made 75 different products prior to getting shut down, the FDA reportedly only took issue with three of the treats.

“This injunction demonstrates that the FDA will seek enforcement action against companies that mislead consumers on the products they purchase. Until Butterfly Bakery meets FDA regulations, it will no longer be able to process or distribute their products,” an FDA spokesperson said in a statement.

FDA Bakery

The bakery issued its own press release on the closing. The company said it was “voluntarily entering into a consent agreement with the FDA [which would] would best enable Butterfly to move forward and expeditiously resolve the FDA’s concerns.”

The statemented continued, “Butterfly Bakery wants to assure all of its customers that we take continuous pride in the integrity of our products while practicing good manufacturing and ensuring the safety and quality of our products.”


Butterfly Bakery boasts about these supposedly healthy products on its official Facebook page.

“Live deliciously with Butterfly Bakery. Our sugar free, no sugar added and gluten free baked goods will turn your dietary restriction into a dietary indulgence,” the company wrote. “Butterfly Bakery brings the joy back into eating baked goods with goodies that taste good without being bad.”

What do you think about the FDA closing Butterfly Bakery? Are you a fan of the company’s “sugar free” treats?