Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Cassadine Bombshells Shake Up Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

Today’s episode of General Hospital contained a number of wild developments, and spoilers suggest that Wednesday’s show will be can’t-miss television. The battle over the Cassadine fortune is intensifying and fans cannot wait to see how this is resolved.

Nikolas convinced Charlotte that he was hired by Valentin to protect her, and, so far, she’s kept this a secret, as Nik insisted. General Hospital fans have wondered whether Charlotte would know who Nik was, since they are related, and viewers speculated that she may have seen a photo of him at some point.

However, Charlotte didn’t recognize Nik as her supposedly dead relative, but she will surely be asking questions now. As she scrolled through her mother’s phone, she saw a photo of Nik, and it clearly caught her by surprise.

Will Charlotte ask Lulu, her mother, about the photo? Will she wait and mention to Valentin that she saw a photo of her supposed bodyguard on her mom’s phone? General Hospital spoilers hint that things could get juicy soon with this development.

Today’s show also brought a big moment regarding the portrait of Helena. Martin showed up at Jax’s place while Laura was there and said he had a client who had purchased the portrait. Martin said that his client would consider an offer for Jax and Laura to purchase it, a scenario that they immediately found suspicious.

Viewers had a hunch where this was headed as it played out, and they were not left hanging for long. Martin is working with Valentin, and he managed to secretly record Jax and Laura talking about Mikkos’ codicil after he “forgot” his iPad at Jax’s place.

Valentin has been anxious to find out why that portrait is so important, and now he knows that it’s seemingly tied to a Cassadine document that could turn his world upside down. According to SheKnows Soaps, Valentin will learn something interesting during the next episode. Surely, it will be connected to developments in today’s show.

Viewers also watched as Nik and Hayden discussed Valentin’s offer of a deal. Nik confronted her about what he overheard at Wyndemere, and he insisted that Hayden needs to leave town to stay safe, at least for now.

Hayden refused, insisting that she is staying in Port Charles now that she has Violet there and Finn knows about his daughter. However, a mystery man grabbed her before she could leave the docks, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this encounter might change Hayden’s mind about leaving.

Luckily, the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show revealed that Hayden and Nik will apparently talk again, so viewers won’t necessarily have to worry about her safety for long. She won’t go missing after being grabbed, but this frightening encounter may propel her to leave Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers had teased that big developments with Mikkos’ codicil would come before the end of November, and that’s finally the case. The next few shows should be especially dramatic, and fans will not want to miss a moment of what’s on the way.