Wendy Williams Shuts Down Robyn Crawford Dating Rumors: 'I Like The D'

Wendy Williams is shutting down rumors that she and her guest Robyn Crawford are more than just friends. According to Hollywood Life, The Wendy Williams Show host addressed a report from Radar Online that claimed the two were seeming to be awfully close in recent days. Not only is she not into women, Williams said, but she isn't a home-wrecker, and Crawford is married with children.

The fitness trainer has two children that she shares with wife Lisa Hintelmann. Radar claims that Crawford and Williams were spotted having dinner together and generally hanging out, hinting that perhaps there may be more to their relationship.

With Williams recently filing for divorce from her husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter, she has been actively dating and completely open about her relationship status. After Williams heard that Hunter allegedly had a child with a former lover, she packed her bags and got a place on her own in New York City with her two adopted cats. According to the 55-year-old host, she just couldn't stick around after she learned about the infidelity.

"Kevin had a major indiscretion that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. An indiscretion that I will not deal with," she said of learning that Hunter had fathered a child outside of their marriage.

All of this resulted in rumors that the newly-single hostess was looking to mingle and that she may have singled out Crawford for a potential relationship. Williams says the rumors are nothing more than that, however.

"I am no lesbian. I like women for friendship. I like men and I like the 'D,'" she said, addressing the Radar story.

The fact that she prefers men isn't the only factor that is holding her back from having a relationship with Crawford. While she doesn't have anything against same-sex relationships, as she revealed on the show, she wouldn't want to do anything that could harm someone else's marriage.

"First of all, I'm not down with that — with all due respect to lesbians. Second of all, Robyn is really married. She's got kids and I'm not a home-wrecker, OK!" she said.

No doubt her own experiences have colored her desire to stay out of other people's relationships. At the same time, she says she just can't imagine making things work with another woman.

Williams added that she has "never even been curious," to consider a same-sex relationship. "It's so complicated being a woman, I just couldn't imagine two of us in a relationship."