‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Speculation: Fans Wonder If Dante Might Return To Port Charles Soon

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital fans have watched as Lulu accepted the divorce that Dante initiated, as well as developed a sweet romance with Dustin. However, some fans have been speculating that recent mentions and storyline developments could be hinting at Dante returning to Port Charles soon.

A few episodes ago, Dante’s mother Olivia was rattled to receive a thick envelope that she knew was connected to her son. She waited until she could open it with Dante’s father, Sonny, by her side. She was crushed to see what was inside the envelope.

All of the letters that Olivia had sent to her son were returned to her, unopened. Dante ended his marriage to Lulu over his worries that he would never be mentally healthy enough to return home, and now he’s pushing his mother away, as well.

This scene sparked some speculation among General Hospital fans after it aired. Some fans questioned why the show incorporated it at all.

The Dante talk may have been done in an effort to make Brook Lynn’s entrance all the more intense. General Hospital fans know Brook Lynn crossed significant boundaries with Dante years ago. When Brook Lynn showed up, right after the envelope of letters was opened, Olivia wasted little time in making sure Brook Lynn knew she was not the gal’s biggest fan.

Actor Dominic Zamprogna, who played Dante, chose to leave General Hospital and has previously said he’d be open to short returns. Unfortunately, at least as of a few months ago, he was not interested in a permanent return.

The writers could just leave Dante off the canvas, rarely mentioning him like they do these days with Lucky. However, they haven’t gone that route lately, which has made viewers wonder what might be on the horizon.

Lulu is starting to move on in a new romance with Dustin and SheKnows Soaps notes that they will spend time together this week. Of course, it would be a soapy move to have Dante return home just as Lulu is getting serious with Dustin.

A number of General Hospital fans across Twitter seem to feel like it’s time to either recast the character of Dante or kill him off. If they were to bring him back, things could get crazy with Lulu, Dustin, Dante, and Brook Lynn all on the canvas.

At this point, General Hospital spoilers do not tease anything concrete in terms of having Dante return. However, fans may have their suspicions, as the show certainly is mentioning him frequently now. These recent mentions may not necessarily mean anything. General Hospital fans will be curious to see additional spoilers in the weeks ahead to see if anything comes of this latest round of speculation regarding Dante.