Hungarian Fit Queen Anita Herbert Flaunts Slamming Body In Black Bikini

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Anita Herbert shared a new photo to her Instagram page in which she shows off her crazy fit body as she discussed the importance of finding a diet that works for each individual and can be sustained in the long term.

On Monday, November 25, the Hungarian fitness model took to the popular social media platform to share a snapshot that showcases her eye-popping figure in a tiny bikini that leaves little to the imagination. In the photo, Herbert is standing in front of an off-road vehicle in an undisclosed location.

Herbert is eating an apple in the shot, which illustrates her caption. The fitness queen rocked a black, two-piece bathing suit that boasts a straight-cut top that features short, frilly sleeves that sit off her shoulders. The bodice of the top features the same soft, frilly texture across, giving the bikini a romantic touch.

Herbert teamed her top with a pair of matching bikini bottoms that sit high on her sides and low on the front. The bottoms have double straps of either side, creating a cutout that showcases quite a bit of skin on her lower body.

The model completed her look with a cheetah-print cap and a pair of sunglasses that help protect her eyes.

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The BEST DIET… . Finding the right diet is like finding your soulmate???? . For real???? . You want to find something that complements you in the best way possible and something that is sustainable and matches your goals and day to day life. . ????STOP holiday weight gain!???? ????My “FIT IN 30” guide is all you need to survive & actually ENJOY the holidays! ???????? Click the LINK in my BIO to learn more! @fitqueen_army . I have mentioned many times that I follow a flexible diet. . But it wasn’t always like this. . I started off just like a lot of you... . Restricting???? my calories, eating chicken and rice, and depriving myself from all my favorite foods. . That is NOT something I can sustain for the rest of my life… I am not a ???? . I mean, during my competition preps YES i was kinda like a ????????, but its because it was a SHORT period of time ⏰ and there was a FINISH line. . But when it comes to your everyday LIFESTYLE, you shouldn’t ????????‍♀️think of your “diet” as having a finish line or waiting for it to end. . If you FEEL that way, that means that you have NOT found the right diet, that you can maintain forever. . 4ESSENTIAL elements you need when choosing your diet: . ????A YES on your favorite foods! Some of our favorite foods are not the healthiest choices for us but they ARE the healthiest for our SOULS, and we want to keep that happy ????????‍♀️????and balanced! (it’s all about balance and moderation) . ????SOMETHING SIMPLE and easy to follow! If it has 3,000 rules and regulations throw it out, that’s not sustainable or manageable on the day to day . ????Feeling deprived and restricted? Say GOOD BYE! ???????? No well-balanced lifestyle should have you feeling like that. If you restrict yourself, you will fail and feel twice as horrible????in the end. Pick something that gives you FREEDOM with RESULTS! . ????Allows you to be social. Your “diet” should NOT prevent you from taking part in special occasions or a dinner out with friends a family. Choose something that lets you compromise, swap, and balance meals in ANY situation. . ????It’s IMPORTANT to stay CONSISTENT and motivated, sustainability is what will get you there... ✋????STOP looking for short cuts or quick fixes! . How do you feel about your current diet?

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Herbert is standing with her legs shoulder-width apart as she looks toward the side. Her arm is away from her body, leaving her insanely taut abs fully visible in the shot. Her strong quads also take center stage.

In the caption, Herbert describes the importance of finding a diet that allows us to eat comfort foods. If we deprive our bodies from our favorite foods, we will be trying to keep up with a diet that we can’t sustain, which will lead to failure.

In under a day of being posted, the photo — which Herbert shared with her 2 million Instagram followers — has racked up nearly 50,00o likes. The same time period also brought in upward of 600 comments to the post.

Users of the social media app who are fans of the fitness model took to the comments section to praise her insane physique. They also used the opportunity to engage with her caption and ask her questions.

“Sustainability for the win!” one user said.

“Flawless perfection,” said another, adding a fire and a heart eyes emoji after the words.

One user asked if she could accommodate a vegan diet. Herbert replied that her FitQueen challenges come with customized meal plans that could accommodate any dietary restrictions, including veganism.