Belgian Fitness Model Savannah Prez Shows Off Insane Body In New Underwear Pic

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Savannah Prez showed off her slamming, fit body to the amazement of her legion of fans in her most recent Instagram post. The Belgian fitness model took to the popular social media app on Monday to share a hot new update in which she rocks nothing but underwear, leaving her insane thighs and rock-hard abs in full view.

In the photo, Prez is seen against a white wall as she poses in front of a full-length mirror to snap a selfie. The model didn’t add a geotag or disclose her location in the caption.

Prez rocked a black two-piece lingerie set that consisted of a sporty top with thick straps that went over her shoulders. The bra also featured a boat neckline that sat low on her chest, teasing a bit of her cleavage. The top included a strong lower elastic band that provided plenty of support.

Prez teamed her top with a pair of matching black bottoms with straps that sat high on her sides and low in the front. The bottoms also boasted high-cut legs that exposed her strong lower body. The white logo on the bottoms’ elastic suggest that Prez is wearing Body Engineers, a brand she represents as a model and ambassador.

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Prez wore her brunette tresses swept over to one side and down, falling over her shoulders. In the picture, the fitness model is looking down and giving a big smile to her phone, which she is holding in front of her chest to snap the selfie.

In her caption, Prez discusses how to develop stronger, bigger quad muscles, for which she is famous. She also used the opportunity to encourage her fans to get her ebook that includes a 12-week quad-focused program, in addition to other educational content.

In less than a day of going live, the post — which Prez shared with her 642,000 Instagram followers — has garnered more than 31,500 likes. The same time period also brought in upwards of 470 comments, proving to be a popular post among her loyal followers.

Users of the social media platform took to the comment section to praise Prez’s insane physique. They showered the fitness model with compliments and emoji.

“Crazy shape babe,” one user chimed in, trailing the words with a string of heart eyes emoji.

“Great advice. Your quads look great!!” added another fan.

“Those quads,” a third fan raved, also including a few heart eyes emoji after the comment.