‘The Legend Of Zelda’: Hacker Makes Princess The Hero

'The Legend of Zelda' was hacked to make Zelda the hero

The Legend of Zelda has been hacked to make Princess Zelda the hero.

The Legend of Zelda, from the creation of the series, has always put silent protagonist Link in the role of the hero of Hyrule, or whatever land the developers see fit to save. Zelda keeps getting captured by the evil Gannon (later Gannondorf), and one hacker thought it was about time Princess Zelda got some honors.

The hacker made Link the one Zelda is destined to rescue. Unoriginality aside, it’s pretty cool to finally play Zelda as Zelda. In a way, it seems fitting that as the title character, Princess Zelda should do more. After all, the game isn’t called The Legend of Link.

This isn’t the first time The Legend of Zelda got hacked, however. In November, it was reported that a father hacked the game to make Link a girl. He couldn’t change the name of the hero, so in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Link’s backstory and gender were changed. His motivation came from the idea that boys shouldn’t always be the hero, and he wanted his daughter to know that girls can save the day as well. He told Kotaku, “I’m not having my daughter growing up thinking girls don’t get to be the hero and rescue their little brothers.”

Another hacker did the same with Donkey Kong as well, making Pauline the hero, rescuing Mario.

With the recent trend of being able to play more games as multiple characters, perhaps one day Nintendo will consider the idea of doing this themselves. However, with the upcoming Skyward Sword confirmed, this role swapping isn’t going to happen any time soon. Nintendo isn’t one to change their methods if they’ve worked this long. The cast seems destined to continue to be reincarnated with Link as the hero, saving Zelda from Gannondorf.

The father who hacked The Legend of Zelda to make Link a girl is an indication that some are willing to do whatever it takes to make the change happen. A video of the results is below.

What do you think about hackers swapping roles in The Legend of Zelda?