Jasmine Sanders Takes An Outdoor Shower In A Tiny Gold Bikini

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Jasmine Sanders shared a steamy new Instagram video with her fans yesterday, when she rocked a tiny, gold bikini top and enjoyed an outdoor shower. The stunner was seen sporting the shiny ensemble as she sauntered toward the shower head, as she revealed that the bottoms had a thong cut. Meanwhile, her bikini top was just barely big enough to cover her chest, while her tan lines peeked through.

The setting was an outdoor shower unlike most, as it was created to meld into a rock formation. In fact, upon first glance, it was hard to tell that it was a shower. Yet, a closer look revealed a silver shower head peeking through a couple of tan rocks, while the base featured two stone steps and a flat platform to stand on.

Jasmine was seen running toward the shower, as she swayed her hips. Her hair was curly and full of volume, as she played with it before turning on the shower. The stunner then proceeded to get her hair wet and turned around to show off her bare derriere. The model also alternated with turning around and showing off the front of her ensemble. She was seen posing on her toes, as she popped her feet here and there. Eventually, the Sports Illustrated model was seen sauntering out of the frame. She raised her arms in order to maintain her balance.

The video appeared to have been taken on a sunny day, as light hit the rock formation and blue sky was visible along the top.

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What’s on your Thanksgiving menu?

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Fans left a variety of messages in the comments section.

“Undecided, but shopping at this new store called Jasmine’s,” joked a follower, seemingly complimenting her wardrobe choices.

“Sis did not come to play,” declared a fan.

“I forgot the answer,” wrote an admirer, referring to the caption.

On the other hand, some people noted that they wished Jasmine would be on their Thanksgiving menu.

“I meannn… can we get this is slow mo??” asked a fourth Instagram user.

The bombshell shared another bikini pic earlier this month. Instead of enjoying an outdoor shower, however, Jasmine was spotted posing in front of a white wall. The swimsuit she wore was small and revealing, as she rocked an extra-long, braided ponytail. The first photo of the set showed her looking down toward the ground, while the second photo showed her throwing her head back. She smiled widely and closed her eyes.