November 26, 2019
Aubrey O'Day Rocks Teddy In 'Glitter Death' Instagram Update

Aubrey O'Day posted a new Instagram update yesterday, and it showed her rocking a teddy with cutouts and sheer fabric. The photo was also notably edited with glitter, with the geotag giving fans a better idea of the conceptual shot. The Danity Kane singer was seen from her thighs up, as she wore a teddy with multiple straps and polka-dot accents on her chest. The body of the teddy was sheer and featured small pearl-like beading throughout. Plus, a couple of cutouts right below her chest added to her risqué look. It also left her hips bare, as she showed off her hourglass figure.

The Ex on the Beach star also wore a pink, fuzzy jacket on top, which seemed to feature a clear and shiny liner that could be seen on either side of her body.

She placed her hands by her face, which revealed that she was wearing multiple rings on both hands. Plus, she added glittery accents that she placed on her chest, which included small sparkling gems.

Yet, perhaps the most eye-catching was the gold glitter that extended from her mouth to the right side of the frame. The glitter was also animated, so that it sparkled. On the left side of the frame were lyrics from one of her songs, "Unchoose You." The same lyrics are also notably featured in a Janet Jackson song called "Interlude."

"How empty of me to be so full of you," it read in pink font.

The lyrics were also angled vertically. Aubrey geotagged the photo "Glitter Death," which suggested that she was throwing up glitter.

Fans left a range of compliments in the comments section.

"You are out of this world beautiful! Our eyes have been blessed to see you!" gushed an admirer.

Others raved about the lyrics that were written on the photo.

"LOVE THAT LYRIC, gives me chills every time #unchooseyou," wrote a follower.

"My favorite lyrics ever! I make everyone listen to #unchooseyou first because it's amazing heartbreak song but most of all that one d*mn line makes my heart drop every d*mn time," expressed a fan.

"One of my favorite lyrics from 'between two evils' #iconic," said a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Aubrey recently shared another photo of herself rocking a teddy. This time, she wore a black teddy with a triangular cutout below her chest. The photo showed the singer spreading her legs, as she made it appear as though she were straddling the moon.