Apple Budget iPhone To Use Retina Display

Apple iPhone budget will use the same display as iPhone 5

Apple’s budget iPhone will use iPhone 5’s retina display.

Apple is notorious for being able to make a huge profit on quality merchandise, so the idea of a budget iPhone was initially sketchy for them. However, even Apple knows the economy is demanding cuts to maintain profitability, especially with mid-range Android phones getting more and more affordable. Thus, the budget iPhone was born (the plans, anyway).

What’s odd about this is that Apple has been planning a budget iPhone since 2011.

However, in order to maintain profitability, the way the budget iPhone is built had to change. Apple couldn’t just sell the same thing at a lower price and expect to keep the profits rolling in. Nintendo has been doing that and it’s not faring so well for them now. The budget iPhone case is now planned to be a mix of plastic and glass fiber, but the display isn’t changing.

The display for the budget iPhone will use the same four-inch retina display panel found on the iPhone 5. This is based on the predictions of KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable source for Apple rumors. The big question remaining is whether or not the budget iPhone will differ in appearance from the more expensive variety. Oftentimes, the only way to tell the S model apart from the regular model is to hold them both side by side.

Apple may decide to keep using the four-inch display for budget model iPhones in the future, while regular iPhones will get the larger screens. The iPhone 5/S is going to look smaller in comparison by the time we see 2014 and the iPhone 6, as manufacturers push to release smartphones with larger displays. It seems unlikely that Android is going to start looking superior to the iPhone.


How do you feel about the budget iPhone using the same screen as the iPhone 5?