Tammy Hembrow Stuns Instagram Followers In A Curve-Hugging White Minidress

Rich FuryGetty Images

Tammy Hembrow is showing off her most notable curves in her latest Instagram post. The blond bombshell is wearing a clingy, white minidress that flaunts a fair amount of cleavage and several inches of bare thigh. The dress is from the Oh Polly fashion line. Tammy tagged the company in her photo caption.

It’s unclear exactly where the photo was taken, but it appears Tammy is standing on the steps of someone’s porch area. To call her an angel would be an understatement. Her white dress, paired with her perfect loose curls, make Tammy look ethereal and otherworldly.

While Tammy neglected to accessorize with this look, she is wearing a thick coating of mascara and a glossy pink lip on her sizable pout. Bronzer is brushed along her immaculate cheekbones, making her green eyes shine against her tan skin. Her eyebrows are perfectly shaded, and her nails have been manicured to perfection. They’re oval-cut and long, painted in a pink lacquer similar to the shade she’s wearing on her lips.

As for the dress, Tammy is leaving more to the imagination of her 10.1 million followers then she usually does. Still, her bodacious behind is hard to miss thanks to the tightness of her ensemble. Tammy is a pro at posing. She’s arching her back just the slightest to make her rear end pop. As for the upper half of her dress, it’s strapless and cuts across her breasts, leaving her voluptuous curves on display. Although Tammy has many tattoos, only the cursive on her right forearm is visible.

With her smoldering gaze fixed straight at the lens, Tammy flirts with the camera by tucking her blond tendrils behind her ear and letting her lush lower lip fall into her signature pout.

The Inquisitr previously reported on Tammy’s earlier Instagram post where the curvy YouTube personality sported a sexy workout outfit. She advertised an upcoming Black Friday sale for Women’s Best while flaunting her tight tummy and wearing a pastel pink sports bra and matching leggings. Similar to the above photo, Tammy also gave her fans an eyeful of cleavage.

The fashion brand Oh Polly is also having a big Black Friday sale this week. Customers can get 50 percent off of everything in the store with the code advertised on their Twitter account. Even though Tammy didn’t specifically discuss their sale, she probably hoped to boost attention to the brand by posting a photo of herself in one of their dresses.