Chamique Holdsclaw Pleads Not Guilty In Attack Case

Pleads Not Guilty

Basketball star Chamique Holdsclaw has entered a not guilty plea to six charges stemming from her alleged involvement in a violent altercation last year in Atlanta, Georgia. She is accused of viciously attacking former girlfriend, Jennifer Lacy, in November.

In a pre-trial court appearance on Thursday, the former WNBA player reportedly pleaded not guilty to possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of criminal damage in the second degree, and one count of criminal damage in the first degree.

According to an incident report, Chamique Holdsclaw approached Jennifer Lacy outside of an Atlanta church on November 13, 2012. Holdsclaw allegedly placed something inside Lacy’s 2010 Range Rover after asking for the keys to the vehicle.

Jennifer Lacy, who also plays for the WNBA, claims that she smelled gasoline inside the car once she left the scene.

She further claims that Holdsclaw followed behind, causing the frightened former girlfriend to drive to her friend’s house for safety.

Once Lacy pulled in front of the house, Holdsclaw allegedly approached the Range Rover while brandishing a baseball bat.

Lacy claims that while she was still inside the vehicle, Holdsclaw attacked — allegedly smashing the rear windshield and both driver’s side windows.

Before fleeing the scene, Holdsclaw allegedly pulled out a pistol and fired a single bullet through the broken rear window into the vehicle’s opposite side. Authorities later recovered a 9 mm shell casing from inside the Range Rover.

It is speculated that Holdsclaw may have been attempting to ignite gasoline that was poured inside the car while it was parked at the church.

Jennifer Lacy was reportedly unharmed during the violent altercation. Soon after the incident, Holdsclaw turned herself into authorities in Fulton County. She was arrested and released on $10,000 bond.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, Chamique Holdsclaw was indicted late last month for her alleged involvement in the brutal attack. If found guilty of all six charges, the basketball star could spend up to 65 years in state prison.

Holdsclaw, who is also an Olympic medal winner, reportedly did not issue any public statements regarding her not guilty plea on Thursday. However, on February 27, her attorney Ed Garland spoke about the alleged attack and the likelihood that the sports star would be entering a not guilty plea:

“Our position is that she is not guilty of having committed any assault upon Ms. Lacy. The events occurred after an emotional situation between the two of them. She did assault the car itself and damage the car with the baseball bat and firing the gun; however, there was no assault on Ms. Lacy. We expect to negotiate a proper resolution to this matter with the district attorney’s office.”

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