November 25, 2019
Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Trains Her Chiseled Shoulder Muscles In Black Sports Bra And Red Shorts

Ainsley Rodriguez demonstrated how she trains her shoulder muscles at home in the most recent video series on her Instagram. In the shared clips, the Miami-based fitness model is rocking a black sports bra and red leopard-print fitted shorts that show off her enviably toned figure.

Ainsley is using a long yellow resistance band in the series. The first video captures her doing one-armed pulls with one half of the band. In the second, she stretches out the lengthy piece of exercise equipment and is doing overhead shoulder presses with it. In the third, her elbows are bent as she uses that area of her arms to lift the band. Lastly, in the fourth clip, she's back to doing one-armed pulls.

In the caption, she suggested doing each exercise for 12 to 15 reps and then repeating the entire circuit four times. She also recommended reducing the amount of slack on the band to increase the exercise's level of difficulty.

The post has accumulated over 15,000 likes and close to 300 comments since it was posted. In the comments, followers thanked her for sharing the workout tips.

"Thank you! Just what I needed as I am currently traveling (*no hotel gym) but I have my bands with me," one commenter wrote.

Others seemed captivated by Ainsley's physical attractiveness.

"Stop mesmerizing me with your flirty antics!" another social media user added.

"Wow look at that pair of... shoulders," a third wrote before including a grinning emoji to their comment. "I need to get shredded like you."

"Besides your abs, legs and glutes! Shoulders are your best part!!" a fourth admirer gushed.

Several of the other comments were simply collections of expressive emoji or generic compliments for Ainsley's beauty.

Other fans asked Ainsley where she purchased her resistance bands and she replied by informing those commenters that she sells them on her website.

This isn't the first time that Ainsley has trained her shoulders in a series of clips posted on her Instagram. However, in the last one that captured her doing so, she was using dumbbells instead of a resistance band. In the three-video post, Ainsley went through a shoulder-focused strength circuit that includes dumbbell punches, alternating upward presses, and "L" raises.

"Perform these as a superset with each move back to back for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds after each set!" the caption read.

The post has been liked over 25,000 times since it was posted and close to 500 people have commented on it.