Samsung Galaxy Design Chief Focuses On Design, User Interaction

Samsung Galaxy S 4 and User Experience

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was updated to include a faster processor, higher quality HD display, and various other basic hardware improvements. However, where the device really shines is its ability to draw in users with new user experiences. Now, head of Samsung design, Dennis Miloseki, explains that the company has already shifted its focus to improve the “relationship” between users and their devices.

Speaking at Engadget’sExpand conference, the Samsung design head explains that design will always have its place in the mobile industry.

“Actually, the global design process has been raised. We’re making devices thinner, lighter, making screens more beautiful. With Samsung, it’s less about that but more about building a meaningful relationship with technology and finding a way, as these devices become smarter, to let them sense where you are and adjust to that,” Miloseski said.

Samsung is now calling the Galaxy S4 a “life companion” that is capable of learning a users habits and then working with those users to provide a more full experience. The device is also capable of telling when a user is looking at the S4’s display, ensuring proper interaction between a user and their smartphone.

Miloseki says, “It’s known that [hardware] design will improve over time, but now we’re thinking about ‘How do you create a soul for a device?'”

When speaking about why Samsung has stayed with a plastic design in place of precision aluminum, Dennis Miloseki reveals:

“The design process doesn’t start with a material. It doesn’t start with us saying, ‘Okay, we’re going to make a device that uses metal. The design process starts with a story. For a device [like the GS 4], which is global and sells around the world, it’s a matter of looking at many different tastes and preferences and putting what we can of those in the final product.”

Samsung hopes that overtime devices will continue to evolve. He notes:

“I think over time, though, it’s all of our responsibilities not to put more layers of hardware and glass in front of users. I think the evolution of mobile is moving closer to connecting people to people, with the technology moving out of the way. There’s also room for mobile to change, to reconnect us with the world around us.”

Do you think design and user experience will continue to draw in new types of users and a better use experience over the long run?