Trina Has A Mystery Family Connection & 'General Hospital' Fans Have Plenty Of Theories

Monday's episode of General Hospital surprised viewers with a juicy tidbit coming from teen character Trina. It turns out that Trina has a surprise relative in Port Charles, and fans have plenty of theories regarding how they could see this playing out.

As viewers saw during Monday's show, Trina was stuck in school detention with Dev, Josslyn, and Cameron. The quartet started sharing secrets and Trina tossed one out that viewers knew was ultimately a meaningful revelation.

Trina explained that she did a DNA test a while back to explore her ancestry and found out there was a match to someone in Port Charles. However, Trina said, she doesn't know who the person is and she said she blocked the person.

Who is Trina related to in Port Charles? General Hospital fans know that the most obvious match is probably Stella. A few months ago, Stella found out she was a match as a close relative to someone in Port Charles. Curtis asked if Stella had a buried family secret to reveal, and she insisted she didn't.

The storyline shifted shortly after that and essentially disappeared. Stella left Port Charles to visit a supposed relative across the pond, and this is the first that the DNA topic has been brought up again since.

As soon as Trina mentioned her DNA test and a Port Charles match, General Hospital fans started speculating about the possibilities across Twitter. One of the most obvious choices would seem to be that Trina turns out to be Curtis' daughter from a previous relationship, one where he probably didn't even know a baby had been conceived.

Some fans wonder if it will turn out that Stella did once place a child for adoption, even though she denied anything like this when Curtis asked her. If Stella did perhaps place a child for adoption many years ago, it seems as if Trina could end up being Stella's grandchild via that long-lost child.

Although the storyline seems to point toward a biological connection between Stella and Trina, there are some other theories floating around.

For example, some General Hospital viewers have suggested that Trina could end up being Nikolas' daughter.

"God! I don't want her related to Stella. I want her to be Nik/Gia's kid that Gia gave up for adoption w/o telling Nik," detailed one fan on Twitter.

This isn't the first time that a twist of having Trina be the daughter of Nikolas and Gia has popped up on social media. For those who don't remember Gia, SheKnows Soaps notes that she was on General Hospital from July 2000 through October 2003.

Gia was around during the days of Emily, Zander, Nikolas, and Lucky being prominent General Hospital characters and she and Nik were in love at one point. Now that Nik has been brought back from the dead, some fans think that Trina could be a great way to generate a connection for him.

Of course, Trina wouldn't have matched directly with Nik, as he wasn't in Port Charles when she took the test and only a few people know he's alive. However, she could have matched as a close relative to any number of Nikolas' relatives like his mother Laura, half-sister Lulu, or aunt Alexis.

The most obvious path for connecting Trina to a relative in Port Charles would seem to be the Stella route though. If she were to be a surprise daughter for Curtis, for example, that could prompt some fresh challenges for Jordan and Curtis.

A while back, Curtis mentioned being anxious to have a family with Jordan. At the time, she was a bit taken aback by his comments. Having Trina thrown into the mix could cause some ripples in this fairly new marriage, especially if Jordan's health were to be a problem for trying to conceive herself.

One way or another, General Hospital spoilers should reveal more on this front soon. Will the writers come up with something surprising or will fans be disappointed in an outcome that's pretty obvious? One thing that does seem to be a common take is that people are excited to see young actress Sydney Mikayla get more on-screen action in the weeks ahead.