Stassie Karanikolaou Gets Flirty Between The Sheets In Lingerie: ‘Come Back To Bed’

Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Kylie Jenner‘s best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, wore nothing but cobalt blue lingerie in her latest Instagram photos.

On Monday, Stassie posted a two-part series of herself on Instagram, posing in a bright blue, lacy bra-and-panties set in both images. In the first photo, the model stared seductively at the camera, lounging on her knees in a bed, enveloped by a neon hue emanating from the ultraviolet “Just Kiss Me” sign that glowed brightly in the background. Stassie rested her legs under her knees as she sat up straight and looked dead-on at the camera.

She pulled her body up taut and bent her arms at the elbows, resting her hands behind her head. Her blond hair was styled stick-straight and cascaded down her shoulders and fanned out at the ends — stopping at just the perfect length to flaunt the lacy, sapphire bra.

The sheer blue underwear was pulled up high on her hips, just enough to let the tiniest hint of her belly button peek out. The height of the underwear accentuated both the lingerie and Stassie’s hourglass figure.

Stassie’s pose was both alluring and sensual, and the placement and angle of her arms made her appear sun-kissed and incredibly toned. The shadows in the photo made it hard to decipher her makeup — after all, the focus was on the lingerie, and the mood lighting certainly helped — but she appeared to be wearing a fresh-faced, minimal look, with her pink pout standing out and her long black lashes emphasizing her intense stare.

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come back to bed @loungeunderwear

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Without question, Stassie’s 6.4 million Instagram followers flocked to the comments section, racking up more than 1,700 comments and 401,000 likes – including one from Jenner — at the time of this writing.

“I’m on my way,” one follower commented, adding running emoji to their post.

“Yesss Queen,” said another, following it up with the princess emoji.

The second photo appeared to be even more flirtatious, as Stassie sprawled over the bed, messing up the sheets but seemingly not having a care in the world. In this image, she looked away from the camera, resting her arms on both sides. From this angle, fans got a closer view of the model’s cleavage and her bare hips as she looked stunning as always.

It was clear that fans loved her look, with many wanting to take up the model on her alluring offer in the caption and others just fawning over the hot photos.