November 25, 2019
'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus Splits With Boyfriend Via Text Message

On the newest season of Teen Mom 2, fans have watched as Briana DeJesus navigated a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, John Rodriguez. According to a new sneak peek from People, Briana will break up with her boyfriend on the season finale of the show via text message.

Briana lives in Florida while her boyfriend lives in New York. Although the couple travels to see one another, Briana revealed in the clip that she isn't in a "rush" for him to move down to Florida to be with her. As Briana continued to open up to her friend, she revealed that things between the couple aren't the same anymore.

"We don't talk on the phone no more. We barely text. When we're together there's like no connection there," Briana explained.

The couple took a trip together to the Dominican Republic and although they appeared happy in photos shared to social media, Briana told her friend that things have been off for some time.

"It's been like this for a while," Briana continued saying. "Even before the [Dominican Republic] trip, we've had problems. I'm just not happy. I don't want to be with him anymore."

Briana's friend suggested the couple try to talk things out, but the mom-of-two didn't seem interested in that and said she was going to send him a text.

"I just said 'I am not happy anymore and I don't want to be with you.' I don't know what to do anymore," Briana told her friend.

When John replied, it wasn't exactly what Briana expected. It seemed like he was already aware that the end of the relationship was coming as he told Briana he "already knew."

The Teen Mom 2 star said she wishes he would have said more, saying, "I don't even know what this means right now. Like are we done? Are we broken up?"

Of course, the two end up not reconciling and Briana purchased a home for her family. The reality show star has been teasing the new home for the past few months, telling fans that it would be for her and her two daughters, 8-year-old Nova and 2-year-old Stella, as well as Briana's mother and sister. Everyone was living together in an apartment, but now they will be sharing the new home. The Teen Mom 2 star also revealed that she paid for her home with cash and won't have a house payment.