Steubenville Rape Suspects Found Guilty

Steubenville Guilty Verdict

Two Steubenville rape suspects were found guilty on Sunday. The two, Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays, were accused of sexually assaulting a female acquaintance.

Judge Thomas Lipps handed the verdict down on Sunday morning, saying that the defendants were guilty of all three charges against them.

The Steubenville trial was not overseen by a jury. Instead, the judge was tasked both with determining guilt and sentencing, if needed. Testimony was presented during four days and centered around the argument of whether the alleged rape victim was too drunk to understand what was going on during the incident.

The alleged victim testified that she couldn’t remember very much about the night because she was drunk. Attorneys for the rape suspects argued in closing statements Saturday that the state was not able to prove without a reasonable doubt that the boys raped the girl.

They also called into question the alleged victim’s credibility. They asserted that the 16-year-old girl has a history of drinking heavily and lying. Mays, 17, and Richmond, 16, could face being jailed until they are 21. Both defendants broke down in tears after the guilty verdict was read.

Both are students at Steubenville High School. It is not clear if the girl was also a student there. The rape accusations tore the community apart, especially amid allegations that more students should have been charged in the case. The case also led to questions about a cover-up for the benefit of Steubenville’s football team.


Three boys weren’t charged in the case. Instead, they were granted immunity as a condition of testifying. Their accounts helped incriminate the suspects. Ohio’s attorney general is expected to announce later on Sunday if additional charges will be brought in the Steubenville rape case.

It is not clear when the judge will hand down sentencing for the two boys found guilty of rape.