November 25, 2019
Demi Rose Sizzles As She Takes A Shower Outside In Thailand Getaway Photos

Demi Rose Mawby put her famous curves on display in a sultry photo that showed her taking a shower outside.

The brunette bombshell's latest update consisted of two photos that featured her basking in the glow of a sky filled with orange hues while enjoying her shower.

The photos showed Demi from behind standing in front of a row of trees that appeared to be next to an infinity pool. The trees were silhouetted by the light and a faint rainbow could be seen just above the beauty's head. The scene looked almost magical as the soaking wet model stood half naked under water streaming from a showerhead. The camera captured light reflecting off the water drops that were all over her body, creating a sensual vibe.

In the first picture, Demi turned to look at the camera, covering her breasts with one hand. She wore a pair of thong bikini bottoms that left little to the imagination. Her wet hair fell in loose curls down the small of her back, calling attention to her perky booty.

The beauty looked to be wearing a full face of makeup that included dark brows, contoured cheeks, and red lipstick. With a wet face, she gave the camera a sultry look.

The second snap captured Demi standing under the shower, seeming to enjoy the water as it fell on the front of her body. With her arms next to her chest and her back arched slightly, she struck a pose that put her derrière on display.

In the post, the stunner mentioned the rainbow as well as the fact that she had reached 11 million followers on the photo-sharing app.

Her fans gushed over how hot Demi looked in the snaps.

"Looks like your [sic] on another planet but your [sic] also out of this world," one admirer said.

"This photo is gorgeous with the queen included," a second fan wrote.

"Pot of Gold!! Just Gorgeous!!!" quipped a third admirer.

"You look amazing," a fourth follower gushed.

Demi has a knack for taking incredible photos and she knows how to work the camera. A quick look through her Instagram page shows that she works with many photographers to create some stunning images that leave many of her followers breathless. Her modeling career also allows her to travel the world. She recently shared photos from a trip to Cannes, were she enjoyed some of the sights while enjoying breakfast in a robe.