Steven Crowder: Fox News Contributor Makes Strange Rape Joke About Ashley Judd

Steven Crowder: Fox News Contributor Makes Strange Rape Joke About Ashley Judd

Steven Crowder is again in trouble for something he’s done on Fox News, and this time the network’s contributor took aim at a rising Democrat — Kentucky Senate candidate Ashley Judd.

Covering Saturday’s conclusion of the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, Crowder made a strange joke about Ashley Judd in the Senate race.

“What is this obsession with Ashley Judd and rape?” Crowder asked while talking about Judd and Apple products. “It’s pretty unnerving.”

The comments seemed bizarre, but not out of line with Steven Crowder’s incendiary history on Fox News. Back In December the comedian was covering union protests outside of the Michigan state capitol when he was punched in the face four times by a union protestor.

The attack took place as thousands of protesters descended on the capital to protest the state’s proposed right-to-work measure. Crowder was seen as a victim by many, while others pointed out that he was inciting the crowd himself.

Steven Crowder’s decision to target Ashley Judd this time is likely no coincidence. Since the Democrat has floated the possibility of running in Kentucky, she has quickly become a threat to the Republicans chances of taking the Senate.

Though Judd has yet to officially declare her intentions for the race, she has already amassed support both nationally and among the most powerful Democrats in Kentucky. One of her biggest supporters, Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth, has been pushing the idea of the actress running for Senate.

Yarmuth told ABC News that he would be surprised if Judd didn’t run, also added that he thinks Judd has a good shot to defeat Mitch McConnell. Ashley Judd’s Senate run could have another piece of ammunition against McConnell — he was recently ranked the least popular Senator in the country.

If Ashley Judd continues to garner support for a possible Senate run, she might expect more attacks from Fox News like the one this weekend from Steven Crowder.