November 25, 2019
'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Brad's Encouraged, Valentin's Protective & Julian Makes A Bold Move

General Hospital spoilers for this week tease that these next few episodes will be packed with developments. Brad has been scrambling to save his marriage with Lucas and keep his secret about "Wiley" from emerging. It seems that something this week might have him feeling a bit better about this complicated situation this week. Viewers will also see more of Julian, Valentin, Laura and even Willow as everybody prepares for Thanksgiving.

As fans know, the schedule for General Hospital has been impacted multiple times in the past couple of weeks due to the televised impeachment hearings. Now, this week, viewers will see a new episode on Thanksgiving. However, SheKnows Soaps reported that there will not be a new show airing on Friday.

Given the prior interruptions, General Hospital spoilers suggest that fans may get some mid-week cliffhangers, and the Port Charles Thanksgiving celebrations may show later than intended. Despite all of that, teasers hint that there is a lot of good stuff coming.

Brad reportedly gets a pep talk from someone this week. Soap Central shares that his spirits will be lifted somehow, but it's not known, yet, who makes that happen. It could be Lucas, who thinks he's repairing his rocky marriage and has no idea that there's a massive bombshell yet to drop. But, teasers note that these two will have some intense conversations again in the coming days.

Julian and Brad have been at odds with one another, so it's unlikely that Julian will be helping Brad in any way. Could he perhaps visit Nelle again and feel better about the Wiley situation. Or, could Obrecht give him a temporary sense of peace?

Valentin made Hayden an offer as he tries to figure out the importance of Helena's portrait. General Hospital spoilers signal that things will get quite complicated for Hayden this week, perhaps even to the point where she decides she needs to leave town.

However, Valentin will seemingly feel as if he's in a fairly good position right now. He'll learn something new and interesting this week, and he'll be keeping a close eye on Charlotte.

Valentin has no idea that Nikolas is alive and coming after him, and he certainly doesn't know that Nik has had contact with Charlotte. Viewers know that the tables will turn on him soon, but this week, it doesn't sound as if he'll have any awareness about it.

Franco will visit Monica, Carly will worry about Mike and Neil will stick by Alexis' side as Kendra comes under suspicion. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Willow will pop up, and she will be feeling reflective. In addition, Laura will be focusing on what is best for her loved ones.

Peter will be rattled by something late this week, and someone will have a surprise for Laura and Jax. Michael will be assertive in some sense, while General Hospital spoilers note that fans will finally see a bit more of Lulu and Dustin together again.

Additional General Hospital spoilers mention scenes involving Monica and Epiphany, Anna and Finn, as well as action at the Quartermaine house. It sounds as if it'll be a fairly chaotic week throughout Port Charles heading into Thanksgiving with big shockers on the horizon.