November 25, 2019
Dog Found On The Side Of The Road Sheltering Five Kittens From The Cold

When rescuers were alerted to a stray dog laying on the side of the road in Ontario, Canada, they quickly went to help. What they ended up finding was much more than they bargained for, however. The stray dog, which has since been named Serenity, was keeping five tiny kittens alive by shielding them with her body and protecting them from the cold, according to Fox News. Since it was first reported, this story has won over the hearts of animal lovers around the country.

Serenity was found braving the harsh conditions of the Canadian winter, which is known to be dangerously cold. If not for her motherly nature, the kittens would most likely not have survived. As soon as the Pet and Wildlife Rescue of Chatham, Ontario shared Serenity's story online, they were bombarded with many requests from people near and far that wanted to adopt her as well as the five abandoned kittens.

Anxious potential adoptive parents will have to wait awhile longer before the kittens are ready for a new home, however, as they are still too little. Serenity, on the other hand, should be ready for adoption in the next couple weeks after she has been spayed.

Some people online criticized the Pet and Wildlife Rescue for not organizing Serenity to be adopted out along with kittens, as they believed the animals should be kept together. After all, Serenity had already been acting like a mother to them.

The shelter responded to this criticism, explaining that they want to get Serenity into her forever home as soon as possible. If they were to wait for all five of the kittens to be ready for adoption, the process would take a lot longer.

Serenity is bound to make someone very happy. The shelter staff says she is two years old and bursting with energy. They are sill in the process of teaching her some basic manners.

"I love zooming around outside and will run circles around any person or object that is out in the yard with me. The shelter staff has been working on it, but I can be quite jumpy and need to be taught some manners," the shelter staff wrote online on behalf of the dog.

This story helps contradict the age-old belief that dogs and cats don't get along. This display of affection between both species is similar to that of the viral video in which a dog was seen petting a cat, as The Inquisitr previously reported. The cat in turn hugged the dog, melting hearts across the nation.