November 25, 2019
Ariana Grande Trips & Falls On Stage In Thigh-High Boots In Viral Video

Ariana Grande suffered an awkward moment on stage in Florida over the weekend after she tripped and fell to the ground in front of thousands of fans during a live show. In the clip shared online, the stunning singer could be seen as she confidently strutted along the stage in a pair of high-heeled, shiny thigh-high boots during her concert before she then tumbled to the floor and into the arms of one of her dancers.

Ariana showed off her sassy side as she sultrily walked along a raised platform with a line of dancers below her. However, she appeared to stumble after scuffing her right foot on the floor, which caused her to lose her footing completely.

She then fell completely over and onto her knees before a dancer who was waiting for her at the end of the platform pulled her up and back onto the main stage.

Fortunately, the star was unhurt by the incident and carried on with the show like the pro she is. Ariana continued to strike her pose at the end the number, as she walked back over, sat down, and threw her head back on the raised platform.

The pop star wasn't singing at the time, as the fall took place during a musical interlude of the track "Bad Idea" from her latest album, Thank U, Next.

The fan who uploaded the video to social media admitted that they were impressed she actually fell on beat with the music.

The fall went down during Ariana's "Sweetener World Tour" stop at Tampa's Amalie Arena on November 24. The "Boyfriend" singer was all dressed up in costume for the big show. In addition to the stylish long boots, the star rocked a tiny flouncy miniskirt with a sparkly crop top.

She once again had her hair in her signature long, slicked-back ponytail after trying out a different look during some shows earlier this year, which sent fans into a frenzy.

But despite what could have been a very awkward moment for the star, she actually took it all in stride.

Ariana spotted the tweet online after the show in Florida and poked a little fun at herself on the social media site.

She quoted the video and tweeted, "oh my. at least i still made the button. i'm crying. things were going too well."

After Ariana herself drew attention to the fan's concert video, it received more than 1.25 million views and saw several other Twitter users share their thoughts. The "Dangerous Woman" singer tripping and falling has become somewhat of an inside joke between her and fans.

"It's not an ariana grande tour till you fall/trip at least once," one fan teased.

A second tweeted, "it was bound to happen eventually. least you did it with style. crying."

Another fan asked the star on the social media site, "how do you make falling look so good??"

"The way u were feelin urself before the fall i love u pls," another joked.