November 25, 2019
Buxom Ukrainian Leanna Bartlett Arches Back & Puts Cleavage On Display In Racy Bikini

Leanna Bartlett showed no signs of feeling the winter chill in a photo that she recently posted on Instagram. In fact, the blond bombshell heated up social media in a bikini that left very little to the imagination.

Leanna wore a tiny two-piece that put her voluptuous figure on display. The swimsuit itself is incredibly detailed yet sexy with its triple white straps, black mesh insets, and tiny scraps of powder blue material that barely cover Leanna's bits.

This particular string bikini seemed to offer more support because of its three shoulder straps. But Leanna's ample cleavage appeared to put a strain on the bathing suit as she arched her back for the camera. The 34-year-old also flaunted her tiny waist and rock-hard abs in the sizzling pic.

Leanna wore a matching pair of bikini bottoms, which also had the black mesh detail that contrasted against the pale blue fabric. The high-leg bottoms showed off the blonde's toned thighs and booty.

The Ukrainian-born model accessorized with a mixture of gold and silver bangles that picked up on the warm tones of her blond hair and bronzed figure as well as the cool tones of her outfit. In the background, the natural beauty of the outdoors added to the tranquil ambiance.

Leanna wore her hair in a side part, letting her golden mane cascade down her back and one shoulder in soft loose waves. The starlet also wore a full face of makeup that highlighted her exquisite facial features. Leanna wore a bold brow, coats of mascara and eyeliner on her eyes. She finished off the look with some blush across her cheeks and a nude brown lipstick.

Leanna has over 3.3 million fans who regularly stop by her page. They were thrilled by her latest offering, with the image already attaining over 33,000 likes in the past day. Several posted heart, fire, and other emoji to let the model know how they felt about the photo. Some also commented on the naughty pic.

"There are woman; and then there's Leanna!" one fan proudly stated. It seemed as if he thought that Leanna brought a whole new standard to a woman's beauty.

Another follower had some advice for the Instagram model and opined, "Leanna, if You show up on a public beach wearing this bikini, men will be falling like a bomb went off!!!... You're such a mesmerizing extraordinary Beauty!!"

Finally, one fan let Leanna know that he would no longer be following her. It seems as if he's having some marital trouble.

"I MUST unfollow you, my wife's killing me."