Brandi Passante Wants To ‘Rack Up’ Receipts To Tinsel A Tree Or Toilet Paper A House

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Storage Wars alum Brandi Passante took to Instagram this weekend to announce her desire to “rack up” receipts from CVS so she could have the option of putting them on a tree like tinsel, or to “toilet paper” someone’s home.

While Brandi didn’t make it clear who was in the photo, she appeared to be posing during a shopping trip with her daughter, Payton Schulz, and one of her daughter’s friends.

Notably, the other girl in the photo appeared to be the same girl from a pic of her daughter posted two months ago, on September 20. The photo featured her daughter and her shorter friend decked out in their cheerleading attire as they prepared for the homecoming game.

In the comments of the older snap, Brandi became a bit emotional with how much her daughter has grown. More specifically, she was a bit taken by how tall her daughter was now.

The photo featured Brandi and her two younger companions rocking sunglasses. Payton and her friend were squished together in a warm embrace as her mother snapped the photo. Both Payton and her friend rocked matching ponytails on top of their heads that flowed off to the side with large colorful bows holding their tresses together.

Passante’s gorgeous blond locks flowed down her body in loose, large curls. The Storage Wars queen rocked a simple white T-shirt with cursive maroon lettering across her chest. The angle at which the photo was taken made it impossible for her followers to make out what was written on the shirt.

In just 24 hours, her followers showered the snap with over 8,500 likes and 159 comments. Her 138,000 followers had several different topics of conversation they wished to discuss in the comments.

For starters, many seized the photo as an opportunity to continue to probe for information regarding Jarrod. Some, who seemed to accept that Brandi was likely no longer in a relationship with her Storage Wars king, merely wanted to know if the couple were still friendly with each other.

Passante did have a few individuals who continue to refer to Jarrod as her husband. As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Brandi and Jarrod were never officially married.

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Homecoming game ????

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Brandi did have a few followers who opted to respond to her caption. The overwhelming majority agreed there was really no contest between the opportunity to use CVS receipts to toilet paper someone’s home and putting tinsel on a tree. She even had a few that jested she should just make an effort to do both.

The mother-of-two also had several followers call attention to her use of the word “rack” in her caption. One even jokingly noted that her “rack” was very much in the right place.