WWE News: Former Superstar Criticizes WWE For Not Granting Releases To Unhappy Wrestlers


Former WWE superstar Ryback recently hosted Wrestling Inc. founder Raj Giri on his Conversation with the Big Guy podcast, where he discussed some of the recent stories pertaining to Sin Cara and other unhappy superstars requesting their releases from the company, only to be denied. According to “The Big Guy,” WWE management doesn’t care about their employees and mistreats some performers who aren’t featured in their big plans.

“The lack of respect they [WWE] give to so many of the guys. Especially guys that have tenure there who have helped you make the guys that you are investing in, even more, that is the part of wrestling that really upsets me, they treat you like you are not a winner if you are not winning, but it’s fake. It’s the most ass backward community I have ever seen in my life. That is the system that they try.”

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Sin Cara is the latest superstar to request his release via social media. He joins Luke Harper, The Revival, and Mike Kanellis among the growing list of performers who reportedly want out of their current deals.

WWE appears to be prepared to let its superstars sit at home until their contracts expire. Harper has barely featured on television since returning to action earlier this year, while Sin Cara is a stalwart of Monday Night Raw‘s lower card.

“The Big Guy” also commended Kanellis, as the performer wants to try his luck elsewhere even though he’s a fairly recent addition to the roster.

Triple H commented on the trend by accusing superstars who publicly share their grievances of being unprofessional. “The Game” said that superstars should handle these matters internally, but Ryback believes that Sin Cara probably tried that approach and had his request fall on deaf ears.

Ryback went on to discuss how current superstars need to speak up more now that there are other companies to work for. However, he did acknowledge that some performers might not be in a financial position to take the risk. The former Intercontinental Champion recalled how he only felt comfortable about leaving WWE after saving enough money to sustain him outside of wrestler, despite being unhappy in the company while he was a superstar.

ACH (formerly Jordan Myles) was granted his release earlier this month after accusing the company of racism, but his case is a rare example of a superstar being let go in 2019. During his latest podcast episode, Ryback said that ACH wants “attention” and that the Sin Cara situation is completely different.