November 25, 2019
Identical Twin Models Pauline & Mathilde Tantot Pose In Thongs On Instagram

Identical twin models Pauline and Mathilde Tantot were spotted posing together in thongs earlier today on Instagram. The sisters have been known to occasionally grace each others' social media feeds and today was no exception. They were seen on Pauline's page as she wore a green hooded sweater from Suspicious Antwerp while her twin wore the same garment in purple. They also wore ankle-high socks, as well as thongs that left their booties bare.

The first photo showed the sisters striking an almost identical pose. They were both on their stomachs as they straightened their right leg and bent their left knee. Mathilde looked like she was smiling while rocking large hoop earrings, while Pauline's face was obscured in the photo.

The second photo showed them in the exact same location, except Pauline sat up and struck the Bambi pose with her back to the camera. Mathilde was still lying on her stomach as she bent her left knee again and arched her back slightly. It wasn't just the outfit that the pair shared, as they both wore their hair in the same messy bun.

The backdrop was eye-catching and included a white wall with a neon sign. The sign was comprised of two hearts, with a neon pink heart with wings on the left, as well as a purple heart with horns on them. Additionally, on the wall to the left, there were four different square pieces of art. In the middle was a red heart with the words "Grl Power" in the middle in all-caps.

In addition to the neon glow, there appeared to be sunlight streaming through the windows to the left of the frame.

Fans left a variety of messages for the twins in the comments section.

"In the first pic it looked like the left girl had nothing," observed a follower.

"Two absolutely gorgeous girls together!" exclaimed an admirer.

"Awesome picture ladies aight do yur thang aight," wrote a fan.

One person was distracted by something else, however.

"Where did you get that neon sign," they asked.

Previously, the duo was spotted again in a sultry photo together. This time, they were seen going topless. Mathilde hardly censored her chest with her hands, as she added a blue "cute" sticker on her chest. Pauline covered her chest with her right hand while her light yellow manicure popped against her tan skin. They both placed their hands down while looking at the phone screen, though Mathilde stood out by sticking her tongue out for the shot.