‘Dancing With The Stars’ Final 4 Get Support From Bobby Bones, Fans Tell Him To Stop Influencing The Votes

Jason KempinGetty Images

Bobby Bones is showing support to the Dancing with the Stars final 4 contestants, but some fans of the show think he’s also showing some favoritism. The radio host and DWTS Season 27 winner posted to the comments section of an Instagram photo of finalists Ally Brooke, Lauren Alaina, Kel Mitchell, and Hannah Brown and some social media fans zeroed in on him instead of the four stars in the photo.

In the comments to a photo of Lauren, Ally, Kel, and Hannah at their last camera blocking of the season, Bones wrote, “It comes and goes so quick! Glad everyone seems healthy! Have a great show everyone.”

While he didn’t mention any names in his comment, several Dancing With the Stars fans urged Bones, a mentor on Lauren Alaina’s previous reality show, American Idol, not to influence the viewer votes.

“[Bobby Bones] don’t influence the voting,” one commenter wrote.

“Do not influence the voting. Please let the winner win fair and square,” another added.

Other fans noted that Bones should be allowed to publicly support whoever he wants.

“I believe [Lauren Alaina] is very deserving of any support especially from friends like you, same way the rest of the competitors receive from theirs. Keep doing you, FAIlL until YOU don’t,” a fan wrote to Bones.

However, another social media user fired back with a comment about Bones’ controversial win last season.

“That sure didn’t happen when he won!!! Nothing fair about that,” the Dancing With the Stars viewer wrote.

While Lauren Alaina has plenty of fans of her own, Gold Derby notes that she has “the country vote and Bobby Bones fans” locked in. Indeed, the two have posed for photos together in the past and Lauren was even a guest on Bobby’s radio show at the beginning of the Dancing with the Stars season. The site adds that Lauren could win because “she’s got Bones shilling for her,” and that just as his large fan following came through for him one year ago, they could come through for her this season as well.

Many viewers were unhappy with Bones’ win last fall on Dancing with the Stars when he beat out more talented contestants Milo Manheim, Evanna Lynch, and Alexis Ren based on viewer votes that conflicted with the judges’ scores. Bones’ win was such a shocker that for DWTS Season 28, producers changed the voting rules. In addition, Bones’ pro partner, Sharna Burgess, was cut from the show, and he was concerned that it was due to their surprise win.