‘Phantom Pain’ Mystery To Be Unlocked At GDC [Video]

Phantom Pain will be revealed at GDC

Phantom Pain questions are going to be revealed at this year’s GDC. Details about the game that has long been speculated to be Metal Gear Solid 5 have been kept tightly under wraps but developer Moby Dick Studios has said that all questions will be answered at a reveal at GDC.

They mystery about the game has actually been carefully cultivated by Moby Dick to the point where their CEO recently showed up to a live interview in a full head bandage. The way his head was wrapped was quite similar to the wrapping of an apparent main character in the game.

Phantom Pain has been such a closely guarded secret that people are even believing that Moby Dick Studios is actually a creation of Hideo Kojima’s Fox Engine. The supposed CEO Joakim Mogren makes an appearance in a recent interview but cannot reveal much of anything when grilled on details.

At the end of the interview, GTTV’s Geoff Keighley takes a look at a number of different screenshots and notices that there is a Fox Engine logo in the corner of the shots. When he confronts Mogren, the interview ends with Mogren gasping at the apparent “revelation.”

The hints that Joakim Mogren could be simply an invention and that this new title is actually part of Metal Gear Solid 5 continue to pop up. Joakim is actually an anagram for Kojima and there has been speculation that “Mogren” was actually former Epic Games employee Cliff Bleszinski.

Bleszinski left Epic last year and could be working with Kojima on the newest Metal Gear title. The indentations on the logo for this game also seem to line up with those of Metal Gear Solid 5.


The mystery of this particular game should be ending once GDC gets rolling on March 25, including what consoles this game will run on as there has been speculation that this will be a PS4 and Xbox 720 title.

Checkout out the interview with the Phantom Pain developer’s CEO and see what you think about this.