Man Loses Nearly 200 Pounds In Order To Reach His Goal Of Becoming A Police Officer


Romar Lyle had always dreamed of being a police officer. However, at 5 feet 8 inches tall and 400-plus pounds, Lyle didn’t think he would ever be able to reach his goal. As such, he completely changed his lifestyle with the support of his friends. Lyle’s dedication to his health paid off, and now he is a police officer in the Richmond Police Department in Virginia, according to Today.

After being invited by a friend to tag along at the gym for a CrossFit session, Lyle agreed — but not without hesitancy. Lyle worried about how he would be perceived by others, and he even expected people to laugh at him. Instead, much to his surprise, the exact opposite happened.

Everyone encouraged Lyle, pushing him forward and assuring him that he could do it. Before long, Lyle found that he actually enjoyed going to the gym and started losing weight without really even trying.

“I lost all this weight and it didn’t feel as hard as I thought it would be. I genuinely enjoyed what I did,” said Lyle.

In fact, losing weight wasn’t Lyle’s primary goal. Rather, it was to simply get moving and to have fun while doing it. As he began to lose weight, he decided to cut out all junk food from his diet for six months. After completing his goal, Lyle was pleased to discover that fast food no longer appealed to him.

Today, Lyle weighs 222 pounds and has gone from a size 54 to a size 36 in jeans. Finding clothes that fit him is no longer a problem. According to Lyle, the best perk of getting into shape is that his journey prepared him for the challenges he has come across as a police officer, making him stronger.

“Having the physical ability to do those things pushed me further to say, ‘Yes I want to lose the weight. Yes this is where I want to be.’ I have learned to re-embrace a challenge and not to quit.”

As to his advice for losing weight, Lyle encourages others to find a support system. He shared that it is a lot easier to lose weight when going through the process with someone else — rather than trying to do it alone.

Another key is to find an enjoyable way of working out, similar to Lyle and another man named Paul Eulette, who also experienced a massive weight loss, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Eulette was not necessarily a fan of the gym, but he discovered that he loved running. Before long, Eulette lost a whopping 200 pounds.