Hannah Palmer Sizzles In A Thong Swimsuit That Barely Contains Her Curves While Sitting Astride A Scooter

Hannah Palmer wore a seriously skimpy swimsuit for her latest steamy video. On Sunday, the blond bombshell took to Instagram to share a video of her barely-there swimwear in action. One element made this upload a bit more interesting than some of her previous scantily-clad video shoots — this time, she was perched on top of a scooter.

Hannah Palmer is one of the many curvaceous Instagram influencers who use their killer curves to promote Bang Energy drinks. The beverage brand’s video ads usually require the women in them to rock revealing bathing suits, and the look that Hannah sported in her latest promo was one of her most daring yet. She rocked a wild one-piece that left little to the imagination, thanks to its unique design. The front of the garment featured a deep V-cut that came to a point well below her bellybutton. The sides of the bathing suit could barely contain Hannah’s curves, which were threatening to spill out as she moved.

Hannah’s swimsuit looked like little more than two thick straps covering up her cleavage. To help hold these strips of material in place, the garment featured a thick belt that tied around the waist. The bathing suit had a halterneck that left Hannah’s back completely bare and a thong cut that put her backside on full display. Her bathing suit also featured an eye-catching pattern that was a mixture of snakeskin and leopard print.

For her beauty look, the model rocked a glossy bubblegum pink lip, thick lashes, and light purple eye shadow. She wore her shiny blond hair in loose waves.

Hannah’s video was filmed in front of a jungle-inspired backdrop of thick green leaves. She was seated astride a light blue scooter at the beginning of the video, but she struck a variety of poses on the large prop. Due to the direction the scooter was facing, many shots of Hannah’s incredible physique were from the side, so her video included plenty of flashes of sideboob. However, she also sat sideways on the scooter to flaunt the front of her hourglass figure. Near the end of the video, she stood up and turned her peachy derriere toward the camera.

In the caption of her post, Hannah dubbed herself a “jungle queen.”


Over a span of 40 minutes, Hannah’s 1.1 million Instagram followers liked her video almost 13,000 times. The stunning model’s post also inspired hundreds of comments about her beauty.

“If it was possible to be too sexy..” read one response to the video.

“This is what I’m thankful for this year,” another admirer remarked.

“Only you could make a scooter look sexy,” a third wrote.

“You are so Beautiful Jane let me be your Tarzan,” commented a fourth fan.

Hannah Palmer has seemingly taken a shine to animal-print swimsuits as of late. In some of her recent Instagram photos, she’s pictured rocking revealing bikinis in tiger and leopard prints.