WWE: Triple H Confirms The Brand Split Will Be More Definite After ‘Survivor Series’


Years ago, WWE was split into two completely separate brands and said to be run as two different shows within the company. Things have become quite muddled over time, and the brands have once again melted back into one big company. Triple H has now confirmed that after this Sunday’s Survivor Series, all of the brands in the company will be more definitively split and separate.

When NXT moved to Wednesday night television, it essentially made it the third brand of WWE’s main roster. Now, there is a lot of intermingling with it, Monday Night Raw, and Friday Night SmackDown for brand supremacy, which will be determined at Survivor Series.

Since the Survivor Series is a tri-branded pay-per-view, it is understood that all of the brands would be interacting with one another. They are set to do battle and therefore, they need to build up storylines to keep things interesting as the event draws near.

Back in mid-October, there was another Superstar Draft which was meant to completely separate the brands once again, but it hasn’t yet happened. According to Triple H, that true brand split and separation is on the way, and it will be much more intentional after the PPV is complete.

DX and NXT head into "SmackDown."
Featured image credit: WWE

SmackDown‘s move to FOX was set to be a huge part of separating the brands and keeping superstars on their own shows. When asked if NXT would continue to be a part of the red and blue brands going forward, Triple H said things are going to change, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

“I don’t think that is the intent, not that it won’t happen. But the intent is for ‘NXT’ to be what it’s been and that’s be a standalone brand. It’s a different feel and texture than Raw and SmackDown. This is a moment in time with ‘Survivor Series’ becoming that one time a year where all of these brands can go against one another.”

Trips went on to say that some of the biggest matches scheduled for Survivor Series are due to the inclusion of NXT. Yes, the fans love seeing all three of the brands interacting and facing one another, but Triple H said that WWE is moving ahead with the brand split.

“I think the split will be more defined after Sunday.”

The brand split has been both a success and a failure at different times for WWE, but a definitive split could indeed work well. When the “Wild Card Rule” was introduced this summer, it virtually took away any semblance of separate brands and made different shows quite useless. With NXT moving up as part of the main roster, Triple H says that the brand separation needs to be true and well-defined.