Rudy Giuliani Claims Joe Biden Has Already ‘Confessed’ To ‘Bribery’

Alex WongGetty Images

Rudy Giuliani has been making the media rounds this week as the impeachment inquiry heats up. During one appearance on Fox News, the former New York mayor claimed that former Vice President Joe Biden had confessed to the crime of bribery.

According to Mediaite, Giuliani repeated a claim that he has made before, but that hasn’t been substantiated, indicating that Biden offered a billion-dollar loan to urge the president of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor allegedly looking into the situation with Biden’s son Hunter and Burisma.

“This case has been real simple from the day that Joe Biden confessed to committing bribery, back in January of 2018, and the Council on Foreign Relations didn’t note anything about it, although he said precisely what was attributed to President Trump a year and a half later that caused all sorts of—,” said Giuliani. “Basically, they’ll prove that he committed bribery.”

“The crime of bribery is offering something of value to a public official for official action. Okay?” he added.

Giuliani claimed that the Council on Foreign Relations knew about and wasn’t concerned with following up on the alleged misbehavior.

He then went on to agree that Donald Trump did the same thing, seemingly unaware that he was calling Trump’s reported interactions with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky bribery as well.

Fox host Ed Henry then played a clip of Biden responding to the news that Senator Lindsey Graham wanted to open an investigation into the affair in which Biden says Graham would regret his move.

“Sounds like a poor imitation of ‘The Godfather,'” said Giuliani. “I mean this is the guy who sent out a decree that they should keep me off television.”

Giuliani went on to say that Biden sounded like Kay Corleone from the film when he said that the situation was his family’s business and not his own. When Henry expanded on Biden’s comments, Giuliani interrupted and claimed that he didn’ care what Biden said, calling the former vice president a liar and corrupt.

Finally, toward the end of the interview, Giuliani repeated a claim that he has used multiple times, saying that if the president decided to turn on him, he had insurance that he could use against Trump, though he joked that the line was simply a joke about medical insurance.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Giuliani has also said something similar about the Bidens, clarifying to say that he has evidence against them and will release it if he mysteriously disappears.