WWE News: AEW Star Spotted At ‘NXT Takeover: WarGames,’ Triple H Responds

During last night’s NXT Takeover: WarGames show, the camera spotted All Elite Wrestling star Britt Baker in the crowd. The performer was there to support her boyfriend Adam Cole, who was part of the main event match.

However, according to Triple H, the shot was an accident. In a post-show interview with Fightful, “The Game” opened up about the incident and revealed how he felt about it.

“I swear this, the director that took the shot didn’t know who it was, he just went to the woman in the crowd who had the most concerned crazy look on her face and he took the shot, somebody next to him told him I’m sure told him and he got off the shot. I don’t have a problem with it in any way, shape or form and then to not address it, then it’s the elephant in the room that you don’t address.”

Baker was also referenced by the announce team, who revealed that she’s Cole’s girlfriend. This isn’t the first time that the AEW star has been spotted on camera at an NXT show, but last night was the first time that she was mentioned on-air.

Triple H went on to say that he hopes the situation doesn’t get Baker into trouble with AEW officials. He also said that she has a “good thing going on” and was full of praise for her performances in recent weeks. Judging by “The Game’s” words, it’s clear that he’s been watching AEW and is very familiar with Baker’s work.

It remains to be seen if AEW will reprimand the superstar, but the company appears to be more relaxed about these situations than WWE. As noted by Wrestle Zone, former WWE performer Robbie McAllister was fired after being spotted at a Total Nonstop Action pay-per-view.

Baker has been on the receiving end of a push in AEW, and it’s evident that the company is positioning her as a top star in the women’s division. While she was unsuccessful in beating Riho for the Women’s Championship, it’s only a matter of time before she captures the gold.

Last night probably won’t be the last WWE show that Baker attends. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Cole revealed that Baker is his biggest supporter and she always helps him out whenever she can. However, at the time of this writing, Cole has yet to be spotted at an AEW show.