Halle Berry Claimed Gabriel Aubry Left Their Daughter At ‘Serious Risk,’ Court Documents Show

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Halle Berry said that her ex, Gabriel Aubry, could have gotten their daughter seriously hurt or killed through his negligence on a series of occasions, court documents showed.

As Radar Online reported, newly revealed court documents surrounding the custody battle of the couple’s daughter, Nahla, show that Halle leveled some serious charges against the girl’s father. The 53-year-old actress told a court that Aubry showed “poor judgment” and put the girl at “serious risk” during a series of overseas trips.

As Halle claimed, Gabriel insisted on leaving the windows of their hotel room open during a trip to London, even though the windows were low to the ground and had no protective screens. In another incident during their trip to London, Aubry told a driver to operate at “unsafe” speeds to avoid photographers while the girl was in the vehicle, Halle told the court.

Halle then detailed another incident in South Africa in which Aubry was so engrossed in a computer that he lost track of Nahla, who had wandered away and was near the edge of a pool.

Halle raised the incidents to show that Gabriel was not fit to care for the young girl by himself.

“I do not agree that Petitioner should have visitation with Nahla for any significant periods of time and that he certainly should not be around Nahla without a nanny present at all times,” Berry said in the court document.

Radar Online has been revealing some of the sordid details of the couple’s custody battle, which played out after their 2011 split. The report noted that Halle and Gabriel now appear to be getting along fine as they co-parent the 11-year-old girl but not until after the bitter custody battle played out.

As The Inquisitr reported, Halle also leveled claims that Gabriel carried on an “incestuous relationship” that ended up destroying their love life and ultimately drove them apart. Halle said that after Gabriel carried on a sexual relationship with an unspecified member of his own family, she could not be intimate with him and their sex life fell flat.

“After the first six months of our relationship, our sex life diminished and after one year we had sex less than three times per year,” Halle testified, adding that Gabriel demeaned her body as well.

While these allegations came out in a closed courtroom, some of them leaked out at the time. Back in 2014, TMZ reported on YouTube that Berry accused her ex of straightening their daughter’s hair in an attempt to make her look white and refusing to acknowledge her biracial heritage.