Robin Holzken Bends Over In Bikini While Holding A Frisbee

Robin Holzken shared a flirty new Instagram photo yesterday, where she showed off her toned figure in a bikini. She was spotted posing at the beach, as she stood near the ocean waves as they rolled into shore. She bent over while popping out her left foot, and held a bright orange frisbee with both of her hands. The bikini that she wore was black with light green accents. It was hard to see all of the details thanks to her pose, but the bottoms featured the light green fabric with thin, black straps. Her top seemed to have a basic cut, with black accents on the sides.

The Sports Illustrated model wore her hair down in a middle part, as her soft wavy locks fell in front of her left shoulder. She glanced over at the camera with her head up, as she gave a coy look with her lips parted. It was hard to see her makeup because she was so far away from the camera. The photo was shot on a sunny day, with the light making her skin glow. Her pose also accentuated her long legs.

Behind the stunner was another woman, who stood with her hands on her bikini straps. She wore a black ensemble with a hat, as she looked into the distance. She stood in the shallow ocean waters. Beyond that was a stretch of beach, with white buildings and palm trees.

The tags revealed that the photo was shot for Fae, which is a swimwear brand that’s known for its sexy promotional photos.

Fans left tons of nice messages for the bombshell in the comments section.

“LOVE THIS! Have a fantastic weekend, beauty!” exclaimed a follower.

“You’re the most beautiful girl in the world,” raved a fan.

Others referred to the captions.

“I’d be bad at playing frisbee too if I saw you looking all beautiful like that,” wrote an admirer.

“But you look sooo good at it!” said a fourth Instagram user, who seemingly approved of her pose.

Previously, Robin showed off her figure in another bikini. This time, she was seen rocking a golden ensemble. The top featured halter-style straps, while her bottoms were extremely small and rested low on her hips. She stood facing the camera straight-on, as she smiled with her lips slightly parted. Her hair was down in a heavy right part, while her gold dangle earrings completed her look. The photo had a film-like quality.