Naomi Campbell Posts Stunning Nude Throwback Photo To Honor Peter Lindbergh

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Supermodel Naomi Campbell shared a throwback photo on her Instagram page that was taken by famed fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh. Sadly, Lindbergh passed away this past September. He left behind an incredible legacy. The talented photographer and film director worked with many notable talents, including Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Beyoncé.

Yesterday was Lindbergh’s birthday. As a way to remember the icon, Campbell decided to share one of her favorite collaborations with the photographer. The photo is of a young Campbell completely nude aside from an intense amount of bracelets adorning both of her arms. Campbell’s hands cover her nether regions while two precariously placed black stars hide her nipples to abide by Instagram’s rules on nudity.

The photograph is meant to pay homage to notable civil rights activist Josephine Baker. The French entertainer was one of the first African-American actresses to reach international stardom in the film world.

To further conjure the image of France, the shoot between Campbell and Lindbergh took place in Deauville. According to Campbell’s photo caption, Lindbergh even continued the photoshoot while it was raining.

The styling of the photo is all consistent with Baker’s most popular looks while she lived. Campbell’s fresh-faced look in this picture pairs perfectly with her beaming smile and short dark hair.

Campbell writes that Lindbergh was “always a gentleman” in her photo caption in addition to giving shoutouts to the entire team that worked on the shoot alongside them.

Campbell’s 8 million followers loved the tribute to Lindbergh along with the added benefit of getting a gorgeous photo of the iconic model. It’s likely many of her newer fans have never seen the picture before due to how long ago it was taken.

Black Lightning star Nafessa Williams said, “So beautiful.”

Designer Marc Jacobs also paid his respects to both Campbell and Lindbergh by writing, “An all time favorite.”

“OMG this photo of you is absolutely breathtaking beautiful you are so illuminating,” commented an admirer.

Some people were inspired by Campbell to do their own research on Baker’s life story and her cultural impact.

“LOVEEE this and you. Inspired to do a Josephine Baker story,” wrote one fan.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Campbell was in attendance at an event in Los Angeles. She wore a stunning red Versace gown. Campbell, age 49, is one of the most iconic and prolific supermodels still in work today. Despite being in the business for many years, she never wastes an opportunity to out-dress everyone around her.