Casey Anthony in Bankruptcy, Offered $10,000 To Never Sell Story

Casey Anthony Bankruptcy

Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy problem may be helped a little if she takes a man’s offer of $10,000 — as long as she never sells her story.

The man who offered to halt Anthony’s bankruptcy is James M Schober, according to newly-filed court documents.

The offer would mean that Anthony would sell all the rights to her story to Schober, ensuring that her tale will never be revealed to the public.

Casey Anthony was accused of killing her toddler daughter, Caylee Anthony. But the mother’s trial two years ago ended with her being acquitted of murder and manslaughter. Since then, Anthony has been in hiding.

But the former single mother was forced back into the spotlight earlier this month when she filed for bankruptcy in Florida. She was forced to testify during the bankruptcy hearing. During the proceedings, she admitted to living off “unsolicited donations.” Anthony added:

“I don’t pay rent. I don’t pay utilities. I guess you could say I’m living free off the kindness [of others]. When I need to go somewhere, I take the bus.”

But Schober’s offer doesn’t seem so much “kindness” as it does an attempt to make sure Casey Anthony doesn’t make a significant profit from her story. Casey Anthony filed for bankruptcy, saying that she owes $800,000 to creditors and has no way to pay the massive sum back.

Anthony could certainly profit from a book deal or a movie deal that would help her pay the money off. But the man who offered Casey $10,000 apparently doesn’t want that to happen. The offer is apparently being considered by a bankruptcy trustee who is also asking the court if he can open a bidding war for the rights.

The former murder suspect is also reportedly pregnant. Casey Anthony gave no indication one way or the other at her bankruptcy trial, leaving the rumors to run wild.

Do you think Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy trustees should have her take the $10,000 offer for her to never sell her story?